Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday Woman

Today is my Wonderful Mummys birthday. 

This is my Mummy... Carolyn Effie :) Outside our Williams st is that bright orange or what? This was probably 30 years ago.. heehee. That's my brothers bike there...

Anyway What can I say about Mummy??
Amazing woman
rough and tumble
gets bolder as she gets older
Prayer warrior
(In work scrubs)

(Mum with Kendyl)

Committed to God.
Wonderful wonderful Mummy
Neat "fun" hands on Nana
Awesome committed Wife.
My Best Friend
Le Confidante

(my bro Bob, Mum and Asher)
(With Asher)

Happy Birthday Mum, I treasure every year we spend together and look forward to many many more!  I hope you have a fantastic day and get spoilt silly.  You deserve lots of spoiling.  Thank you for all of your love, for the way you care for me, and my family....our kids adore you!  I can't wait to see you this weekend!  We will have to have a little celebration, I'll make a special cake and get Warren to chill a lovely bottle of bubbly for ya too!  You are an awesome woman, with an awesome Faith.  I love you to bits and admire you so much.  All my love on this, your special day..... xxxxxxx
(Mum on my bike racing Bob on his bike)


  1. Happy birthday to you Mum. She sounds very fun. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to an awesome women. Hope you had a gr8 day and were spoiled to the max..
    May the Lord bless you ..
    Love from the Schmutz-family, esp Martha

  3. Your mum sounds like a precious and lovely mum!!!

    Our house is that bright orange colour now and I can't wait to paint it!!! We used to live in Williams St too!


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