Sunday, 12 December 2010

wow...Im getting old...:)

Thanks a ton to all of you who have been sending birthday wishes both here and via facebook....appreciate the wishes/thoughts! Thanks xx

Man, I woke up this morning though feeling  much older than my 20 years....((ahem))... ;)   oh that's right...because Im much older than that.  A good thing though has been the discovery that I am actually a year younger than I had thought I was.  I have been telling everyone that I am....well the age I am today, ALL YEAR!!... How dumb is that?  Just goes to show that the "forgetfulness" thing really does just start creeping in un-noticed!  Haha.. ((whew that means that 40 is still a little while away thank goodness!)).

Nah, I'm not worried about turning 40.  I know some people have a "thing" about it, but seriously, it doesn't worry me.  What worries me is the aches and pains that come with aging...but hopefully all of that won't be for a good many years to come!

Anyway, this morning I was really blessed with super special "ASHER KISSES"... real sloppy lip ones!  ((mmmm yummy!... lol))... and then Daddy and Asher brought Kendyl and I (who were still semi-conscious in bed at 8ish)  yummy crepes filled with cream and peaches .. in bed!!  Of course they had theirs too, and it was a lovely family time together................oh which reminds me I really need to get those sheets in the wash now!!! (cream and peach squished into sheets does not make for a comfy night!!).

I was then presented with my lovely card ordering me to have a "day filled with peace, harmony and relaxation" hahaha... (which I'm trying hard to obey!!)... and the most awesome leather-bound (with tie) journal...the pages are recycled paper which have been cotton pressed... so it's WONDERFUL...I have a million zillion things racing through my head about what I'm going to do with it....some poetry...thoughts...secrets....some art/painting/sketching...etc.
I think I will just start my "Soul journal" up again, but this time using this gorgeous pressie as it's the perfect thing for it. 
So far I have "Gesso'ed" my pages... tinted a couple, and done a few creative processes to them... so i now have about 5 pages prepped and ready to go!  Being a "tactile" kinda person...I just love this book....I love the feel of it..the weight... the weight of the pages...the way they look...all imperfect etc... the smell... arrgghh... it's just gorgeous! ;)
(anyone else so stationery-addicted that they understand where I'm coming from...or do I just sound like a real space cadet???
mmmm yummy thick pages
So anyway Im off to put some more things into my journal, while my husband works outside, my baby sleeps, and my big boy is at his friends birthday party!
((hugs)) from the birthday gal xxx

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hi y'all... Im still alive here!

Hi all :)  Boy I haven't stopped by here for a little while huh?  Life's been pretty full on busy and all!  Had family "things" on... lots of travelling here there and everywhere...but it's been pretty good, well, mostly good!

My gorgeous cousin and God-daughter left school...passed her NCEA exams...then a few weeks later (the day after her 17th birthday) gave birth to a gorgeous wee boy who they have called Kye.  Then the following week, she married her love, in a gorgeous wedding ceremony of close friends and family :) 

We've also been gearing up for the end of year things/functions.  Our band's played at a few corporate gigs .. end of the year gatherings, and we're winding up at Playcentre and Asher at school.  Craziness ensues!

The weather's been pretty darn hot, and for the first time in 6yrs, we've had to order in some water... one of the bummers of being on tank water!

My Mum and Dad have flown to Perth today to go and spend some quality time with my uncle (Dads brother) who is in Palliative care, has metastatic cancer in the brain/lung.  Needless to say it is not really a trip away they are looking forward to, and I really feel for them, and my uncles family at this really sad time.'s a few piccys of some of the happenings lately.  I will be back again soon to do a "christmassy" type blog :)
Hugs to all xxx




Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ashers "Kids Click" entry ~ Theme: Beautiful

Here is a picture I took of my sister Kendyl at home I think she is buetiful. A lot of people stop us and say she is buetiful to.
from Asher.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Fabulous Friday

yummmmy kiwifruit...(but not too many!!!!) ;)
a ravenous child after Playcentre!
A mischevous child who hides in the laundry and plays with Mummys makeup!
A lil boy who is a bit embarrassed at mum taking pics of him in the classroom
Sausage sizzles at school Agriculture days

A happy boy with his new puppy

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Yay my blog is officially one today :) 
Happy Blogday.

 Piece of cake anyone??

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ag day is again upon us...

Ashers "white" floral arrangement
Today was spent with a class full of fidgety children....arranging flowers, ripping petals off of pretty flowers and sticking them with Vaseline to black cardboard (in our day it used to be stuck to a saucer)...and sticking toothpicks into vegetables and creating some kind of vege/fruit monster animal.

I'm actually trying my hardest to sound "ho-hum" about it, but in reality, I had fun :) heehee.  It took me back to my primary school days!

Here's a few pics from our morning :)

Blurry pic of Kylie (Life saver) with Kendyl 

Kendyl was being a bit of a pain until she made friends with Kylie .... and claimed her knee! :) ((Thanks)).  Kylie, (I just found out today) is also here at blogspot. You can check out her blog HERE.  She has a gorgeous daughter in my sons class.

Some of the creations and hardwork from the day....

This is "Mrs Bennett" Ashers lovely teacher.

A great day was had by all....and roll on tomorrows Maungatapere School Agricultural day!