Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy 40th anniversary Mum and Dad

Well, what a milestone for my fantastic parents.

Forty years of marriage they are celebrating today.  An accomplishment not to be scoffed at in this day and age!  I think they are a great example to us... their family, and their friends too.  In this "disposable" society in which we live, it is so easy to just ditch things and people too, for the better, the brighter, the newer etc.  Sticking at something, especially something that can (at times) be difficult like marriage, for 40 long years is a great achievement!  I have been truly blessed by these two, and Thank God for them.

We had a great Champagne breakfast together before church, then it was time to come home again.
Thanks Mum and Dad for your love, and for your love of each other.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just thought I would say.......YAY.... I get to catch up with some of my favourite bloggy chicks in the whole wide world!!  :)  We are off to about an hour!! yeeehaa. better take my camera and get some pics aye?

I <3 my bloggy girls!! xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

He came bearing gifts...

haha..just had to share that last night my lovely husband came home from work with a new novel for my boy...  a zooble or whatever they're called for Kendyl...and to cheer me up... a "BOP IT" heehe..  (it says for 8+ years!!) guess I qualify!! lol  I kinda enjoyed playing with his nephews Bop it when we were last down in Taranaki, so I guess he thought it would be a hit..............................

I LOVE it.. and am currently holding the top score!! yeehaa! and bonus points cos it's PINK!! :)

Thanks Wazza xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Five things on Friday.......

1/  I am sick of having to come on here and apologise for being the slackest blogger alive.  I think by now all my followers will know this, and so I am going to make more of an effort to just "BLOG" without the big apology session and the excuses/reasons why I am so .........."unbloggy" at the moment!

2/  I have so many craft ideas/things I wanna get done or at least started, but for the last few weeks have not been able to get around to it.  I'm thinking that tomorrow I am going to do ZIP ZERO ZILCH except for craft/get glue stuck on my fingers/ make a heck of a mess, and Im going to do it without even getting out of my PJs!   Hows that for extra lazy?  I may take a little break to feed the kids ........but only at 8, 12 and maybe I'll let them get a snack before dinner... :) 

3/  I love having a horse again.  Even though last Sunday, after a pretty eventful ride which included a few bucks, pigjumps, and wanting to bolt into the electric fence.......I still love it.  I love the power in the beast beneath you...the pure muscle.......arrghh it's invigorating!  What I do not like is when you've rugged them up again and are taking them into the paddock, and they accidentally knock you over, then go bananas, kick out and get their leg stuck in the gate....bending the huge gate out of shape and taking off some skin their hind leg, then zooming off into the paddock....lead still attached to the halter.............arrgh!!  (note: she's healed up well and was fine the next day thanks to some Arnica and some good "black powder").   Animals... gotta love em right?

4/  I've been the sookiest mess lately.......... last Thursday, my awesome Sister in law (31yrs old) married to my awesome brother.... with 4 gorgeous kids - 9, 7, 5 & 2yrs old.......was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive cancer.  She started Chemo today, and will have to stay in Auckland (that's 4 hours away from where they live) until her treatment's over.  Needless to say the kids are missing their Mummy and Daddy....and they are missing the kids terribly..... That's going to be about 6mths.  They have some big decisions to make about what they're going to do..where they're going to live or travel or relocate etc...

So, I have been crying at the drop of a hat.  Wondering when do all these sucky things come to an end for our family who have been through the mill and back with health-related issues.
I have been angry about the dumbest little things.... to the point where I just want to Yell...for the sake of yelling...   I don't feel particularly nice to be around at the moment.... I just feel sad.  For my sissy.. For my brother... for my nephew and nieces.... for my Mum and Dad, who are worrying too.
We are all trying our hardest to stay positive focus on the treatment and supporting each other... and remembering the light at the end of the tunnel! 

my Sis in law <3

Taikaha (nephew), Bobbi (niece) Charlize (niece) Kendyl (daughter) Faith (Niece) Asher (son).

5/  I'm blessed.......... with so many things.  Even though I feel lately like life can be a little mean with what it deals out.....  I have to remember how very very blessed I am!   xx