Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Clicky beetles, fly poo and stuff...

Man oh man, is it just me, or are there like millions of clicky beetles out there lately??  Every single day I vacuum up unthinkable amounts of the little black annoying things!  Now I am pretty sure I would have remembered if there was anything written in the bible about "plagues of clicky bugs", but because of the sheer number of them I was almost tempted to get out my concordance and just check ya know!!

What's with the clicky bug anyway?  Seriously, I have been lazy and not yet googled the "clicky bug"... but some of you knowledgeable types might know off the tops of your heads....What do they do?  Apart from annoy us by clicking in the middle of the night (at which time the click sounds like it's several hundred decibels.......especially if it finds something like a piece of plastic or tin to click against!!!!).

And ... while we're on the subject of annoying things..... what about the state of the flies at the moment!!??  ((and I KNOW this is not just at our house, as others have complained about the flies around lately)). 

I just happened to "look up" on the door frames, and noticed the amount of fly poo seemed to have tripled of late..........arrghh..I'm sure I just cleaned that all off not too long ago, and already here I am having to wash some of the door frames/walls.....well everything actually!!  Im so over the flies......we've actually managed for the last few years to just use 2 of those squirty fly killy machine thinga-me-jigs (sorry can't remember what brand ours is)... but hubby just went out and got another 2 to add to our growing arsenal!  On top of that we still have some fly spray in the cupboards which we also have to use.............its just grosse!!
Do you think the flies are becoming immune to the chemicals which we have been bombarding them with over the recent years??  Do you think they're mutating and waging war on our door frames/walls with their faecal matter??  I think they are, and I'm sick of it.... so much so that today I got the vacuum out, and sucked the little mummas right up into the vacuum while they were happily moving their bowels on the windows!!! hahah.. take that!!! That will be the last dump they take in the Bassett Bungalow thank you very much! (of course there's always their extended family members who will probably come along the very next day......)  *SIGH*.



  1. Totally agree with you about the clicky beetles!! we have wooden floors and OMGoodness grrrr in the middle of the night!! WHAT is their purpose! Seriously!!
    I have a couple of those Raid sprayey things around the house and haven't had such an issue with the flies!!

  2. bahaha SO true - the flies are driving us nuts here too!! Clicky bugs aren't so much of an issue where we are - they're kinda cool when there's just one, but I can imagine it wouldn't be so fun to have tonnes!! Just be careful how much fly spray you spray - it has REALLY toxic fumes in it!

  3. haha - yeah, I recently vacuumed up quite a few flies too (then felt a bit stink afterwards). Apparently the weather has made a really bad season for flies, wasps, fleas and every other annoying creature you can imagine. Fun times... not!

  4. Is THAT what all those little brown dots are??? I've been wondering for ages where they come from. Fly poo?!?!?!?! Gross!
    Now I really have to clean!

    EWWW - now I have cold shivers going down my spine...

  5. The FLIES are insane here!! Insane I tell you!
    In Oz everyone gets their houses sprayed yearly for spiders/cockroaches... etc. and we had screens on all the windows and doors...and NO flies! I had forgotten how much I hate them! And also... CRICKETS!! they are insane here too. My mum has a big cricket issue and runs around chasing them cos the noise drives her nuts (lol).
    But as much as I hate them... there's no snakes so I am happy!!!

  6. Hahahaha I was just thinking the very same thing about the clicky beetles this year, ewww and the dead flies :( One of the pitfalls of living in the country. Even the robocan is not killing the flies this year.


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