Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Change in Kendyls hair colour....

Just thought I'd show ya ... the change in Kendyls hair colour.....

Dark at Birth





Dec 2010

Just the other day...

And the thing is .... in person, it's much much lighter than the pics depict!   Crazy huh? 

We have "gappieness" here too :)

Our Master 6 was so thrilled that his tooth came out!  Most of his friends had lost teeth and I think he was feeling a little left out!!  :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Those lazy crazy hazy days of summer!

Warren trying to catch a fish

Asher having a dip in the rock pool

Goofy smile <3

"Come on in..the water is fine" says Kendyl

Exploring the rockpools

Keeping a hand on big brother

Another Goofy smile :)

Rock poolin'

Found a starfish (Asher says it looks like Patrick)

My beach baby
My Dads "Ranger" ... perfect for around the rocks/up the beach

Our Ride :)
Nothing says "summer" like those awesome sun-soaked days at the beach.  Packing up the chippies, drinks, fruit, some togs, towels and spare clothes, loading up the Ranger on the trailer and driving out around the rocks at Ahipara/Shipwreck Bay/90mile beach.  I so loooovvve beachy days, and I love the gorgeous place we live!!
Happy Holidays all xx