Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hey cyberspace.....I'm heeeere!

Wow...where to start, it seems an eternity since I sat and wrote a blog and I don't know which random place to start with now that I've got through the "setting up" process...

I used to blog quite frequently...beginning when I was pregnant with my first child ~ a little more than five years ago now, but eventually I kinda got busy with "life stuff" and in a foolish move one day, deleted all the rantings that had made their way from my cerebral cortex to this huge place in cyberspace. At the time it felt like a "cleansing" or some amazingly powerful thing....heehee... but in actual fact a few weeks later I was quite annoyed at myself, and it really bugged me that I'd done it. Like the time I hastily threw my previous 4 years diaries into a fire at age 18 (though in hindsight it was probably a good thing considering all the stalking I used to do of the local hot ~in my mind anyway~ surfer constable back in the day!) Oh man.... craziness! lol.

So....after lots of putting it off, I have decided to start all over again, and let the world take a sneaky peek into this sometimes weird and crazy thing called my head.... :) Of course that's being a bit presumptuous, assuming that anyone would actually want to take a look at what goes on in my head...or life etc, but there you are! Here I go....Im starting to blog....those of you who I deal with regularly had better watch out man.... heehee... (I imagine this is where my husband is gonna start to sweat!!).