Saturday, 21 August 2010

Another week has flown by...

Gee Whizz...I have been busy, it's been a week since my last blog!! :)

I have been busy making a diorama with my son for his "Knights and Castles" project.
(by the way I don't remember having big projects like this when I was 6!  The odd picture or collage yes....but this was pretty full on).

So...we had to build a Castle. 

We took a big old canvas that I had in the shed and was going to re-paint...(I do this regularly...when I get sick of my paintings, I just re-paint the canvas!

The canvas was our Castle grounds and surrounding area.  We cut out boxes and milk containers, and fizzy drink bottles...spraypainted them silver... painted the canvas blue for the moat and green for the surrounding grassy areas. 

We stuck the bits together with the hot glue gun and then repainted it.

Asher got a dinosaur toy from his bedroom, covered it in modelling clay, and shaped it into a "dragon".
We put cellophane over the windows...and added a light inside to shine through.
We stuck down some bits of twigs/branches and made them look like trees.

We couldnt find any "knight" toys, so i had to use iron men figurines, and added a sword, shield and cape (all made outta tin foil!)
Anyway here are some pictures. :)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Six years ago, I became a Mummy

Asher Gene...about an hour after his birth, in SCBU

About an hour into his sixth birthday!

It's hard to believe I've been on this Motherhood journey for 6years....most of the time it seems like just a couple of years...(though when the kids are sick etc it feels like forever).... yet here I was on Sunday gone, wishing my Beautiful son a Happy 6th Birthday!  Crazy!  They say time flies when you're having fun,so I guess we're having oodles of fun right now! heehee.

Anyway we decided a while back that we'd travel to Cambridge for Ashers birthday this year, to save his Nana and Grandad Bassett having to travel like they usually do.  Besides it was a great excuse to all get away for the weekend together.  By "together" I mean us...Warrens family...and our "adopted" family ~ Murray and Jean (where the "Gene" comes from in Ashers name) Cash who came up to Cambridge from New Plymouth.
My Dad and Mum, Warrens Mum and Dad, Murray & Jean and Asher.
My mum and Dad travelled 2 hours to get here then we all piled into our van and travelled down to Cambridge (about 4hrs drive South for those of you outside of New Zealand) after Ash finished school. That was part of the fun...just the road trip..the stories...the snacks!! haha.  It's times like this that I'm so blessed to have kids who don't get carsick at all! (Thank you Lord!). We are very very lucky to have families that really enjoy each others parents really love Warrens and vice versa. So we kinda hung out for the weekend, then we had a birthday lunch  with an enormous sized cake forAsher on Sunday, ((thanks Nana and Grandad Bassett!)) before we headed home again...tired, overfed and with a van full of presents!

We also caught up with Aunty Joy (Warrens sister) and Rob, and the kids loved playing at her farm with all the baby goats.  And we got to see Aunty Pam (Warrens other sister), big cuzzy James and Kaden before they left and headed back to Hawera.  On our way home we had a quick "Hello" to Uncle Bob (My bro), on the side of the road, as he was on his way to catch a plane to we got to see nearly everyone!!.

I found myself thinking a great deal about how our lives have changed since becoming parents.  It's amazing how having a child makes you "grow up"!  We always think about ourselves a great deal before kids.  We can do what we want, when we want without having to consider anyone else... quite a selfish self-centred oh man having kids soon whacks that outta you!  heehee. 
I thought about all of the wonderful times we've had with Asher....watching him grow up, and then become an awesome, loving caring big brother to Kendyl!  He often tells me he prayed for a sister and God gave him Kendyl!  He is a sensitive and compassionate boy, he really does care about others, and I hope that continues throughout his life.  He knows he is loved by lots of people and that he is wanted, and that we were so blessed to have him...I hope he remembers these things later in life when he faces tough times.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for him/his life, and I know that if he puts God first he can't go wrong! (He knows this too!).  Anyway will end this here...with a whole heap of "Asher pics" and memories...
Happy Birthday my beautiful beautiful boy!  You came into our lives and continue to bless us every day with that gorgeous smile.  Love you lots my darling son xxxx





Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wow its almost Wednesday...again!

Where oh where has the time gone?  Gosh it goes by so fast when you're NOT having fun! 
This last couple of weeks has been full of the flu, funerals, friends and Family, and medical tests etc.  There has also been a 6th birthday party combined with a trip to cambridge (for said party), as well so it's been all ago here.

On top of all of that, we somehow used up our data allowance....then adjusted it about 4 times before the end of the month....(I like to blame everyone except myself for this of course!! heehee).

Yep, unfortunately for the most part, it has been "not-so-nice" reasons that I have been absent from my blog, or "missing in action". 

Hubby had been rather ill for the last couple of weeks with suspected strep throat, and was on a couple of different antibiotics, then the kids seemed to become after the other which resulted in a rather sickly, moany whiney household, and me...a Mum getting sick of trying to mop everyones brow.  I mean being an RN is fine...when you get PAID to look after moaning whinging "whoa is me" sick people, but when your very own household is all suffering from the lurgy, and there is no remuneration, and you have to be "on duty" for 24hours at a time.....then all the nice tenderness of nursing just flies out the window!! :)  I found myself uttering many times the phrase..."Hey I'm off duty okay..."  but nobody really listened! :)
My compassion disappeared.  I was a grumpy nurse.  I just wanted to lock all the sick family members up in one room and leave them to tend to themselves (I DIDNT...but I wanted to!). 
I had had a gutsful of them....................................... until the flu bug got a hold of me!!!

I felt so guilty from the very onset of the flu... the burning awful throat, the achy bones, the snot...eww don't get me started on the snot, the headaches, the sinus... I felt so guilty that I had laughed out loud at my husband and had used the phrase "Man-flu" on more than several occasions.  That I had been so condescending about how he handled having this flu... and now I was suffering... (capital S!).
I wanted to moan and whine so bad, but I daren't.  I wanted to just curl up in a ball and cry but I couldn't after my lack of compassion...
I had to apologise to my husband and family for being so flippant when they were ill, because man was I feeling it!!  Let's just say, I learnt my lesson!