Monday, 14 June 2010

Skeletal Sunday

Well last night I sat up and drew bones...
ribcages, scapula's, tibia and fibula, radius and ulna.. Pelvis bones (Male of course)...
I think I will be able to contribute towards the next Grays anatomy manual.... in fact I swear I dreamt about bones when I finally dragged myself to bed at about 3am.

Why you ask??

It's the schools "Book Character Day"...
and Asher is going as the Silly Skeleton.  Now Mummy was a bit too scroogy to go and buy a whole heap of things since she just bought a whole Army outfit last week for the schools trench day experience, so I drew the skeleton, on an old white sheet, (using Vivid permanent marker)... and then just crudely tacked it onto Ashers black long sleeved Tshirt and old trackies.  I will finish off on Wednesday by doing a skull face in facepaint at school. :)  DISCLAIMER:  I absolutely sucked at sewing/knitting etc at school otherwise I could have done something amazing!!  It's times like this that I wish I had the sewing skills of Kristy Drake! ;)

Frontand Back
Ahhh don't you love it when you have to help your kids with their school stuff? hahaa.
I will post a pic of Asher dressed up on Wednesday later in the week.

What costumes etc have you had to make last minute for your littlies??  Would love to see some pics.


  1. Wow - you did an amazing job!!! I honestly can't sew clothes at all!!

    When Symon was little all he dreamed of was having his own skeleton outfit like this!!

  2. thats much detail. way to go

  3. I agree with the others, it turned out great!!! You're definitely good at drawing!!! I would have had to do it that way as well, I can't sew clothes either!!!

  4. Yayy kiwi chick!! I thought I was the only one here in blogland that couldnt sew .... the only thing I can do is hem


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