Wednesday, 30 June 2010

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Okay...I know I said "wordless wednesday" but here I am writing some words....
Just asking forgiveness for being a week without a blog.....been busy...sick kiddies....sick rellies....lots on... arrghh. so hope you're having a great week  here's some pics of our "other babies" .. xxx

Miss Kitty Coo
8yrs old and cheeky as anything
Loves eating and loves Warren scratching her titties :) heehee.
Thinks she's Mummy to the 3 goats

Cassandra Miranda Millicent
(known as just "Cassie")
11yrs old.
We adopted her from our friend Roly when he left Taranaki
She's neurotic, and fears everything...including her own shadow.
She's a bit crazy...but funnily she fits in! ;)
Mr Chub
(Chubby ChooChoo)
3yrs old
Asher was "given" him by his aunty while we were passing through the 'Naki on our campervan trip.
He is the cruisiest cat out! Thinks he's human.  He likes to wind Cassie up big time!
Hes fearless (or just plain dumb) and gets into some crazy situations.

Dobbie Dingleberry
Dobbie is a gun at scratching his back with his horns...also a gun at getting those horns up Ashers shorts legs and causing chaos!  He's cheeky and a little bossy.  Loves a scratch on the head and trimming the hedge like he's doing here. He hates the electric fence ... tried to chew on it one afternoon and learnt his lesson!!
Donald Doodlebop
4yrs old
We got Donald and Dobbie off Warrens sister Joy and bottlefed them when they were bubs. Donald has always been my favourite, as he is just that little bit quieter than Dobbie...he loves smooches and cuddles and he actually looks like he is smiling when you cuddle him (which makes him even more loveable).  He is usually the escape artist,and so has been made to wear a yoke of sorts to stop him getting through the fence.  He doesn't seem to feel the electric fence ??
He has begun growing a cute beard even though he no longer has his "manly assetts" ;)

We have another shy little girl goat called Snowy who we never manage to capture on camera... she can be cuddly when she wants to, but generally likes to keep to herself.  Shes a little younger than the boys, and they tend to be a little rough on her if she comes and hangs around for cuddles.

We also have a number of chookies...but I can't be bothered posting pics of them...heehee. another day/night

What animals do you guys have??  We had an awesome rotty called "Floyd Sebastian Montenegro"... would love to get another dog soon...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday Woman

Today is my Wonderful Mummys birthday. 

This is my Mummy... Carolyn Effie :) Outside our Williams st is that bright orange or what? This was probably 30 years ago.. heehee. That's my brothers bike there...

Anyway What can I say about Mummy??
Amazing woman
rough and tumble
gets bolder as she gets older
Prayer warrior
(In work scrubs)

(Mum with Kendyl)

Committed to God.
Wonderful wonderful Mummy
Neat "fun" hands on Nana
Awesome committed Wife.
My Best Friend
Le Confidante

(my bro Bob, Mum and Asher)
(With Asher)

Happy Birthday Mum, I treasure every year we spend together and look forward to many many more!  I hope you have a fantastic day and get spoilt silly.  You deserve lots of spoiling.  Thank you for all of your love, for the way you care for me, and my family....our kids adore you!  I can't wait to see you this weekend!  We will have to have a little celebration, I'll make a special cake and get Warren to chill a lovely bottle of bubbly for ya too!  You are an awesome woman, with an awesome Faith.  I love you to bits and admire you so much.  All my love on this, your special day..... xxxxxxx
(Mum on my bike racing Bob on his bike)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Soupy Monday

My lovely hubby and son went away this weekend to Cambridge (hubbys parents and Sister are in Cambridge).  They had a nice night away from us girls, and they returned with these yummy pumpkins (and a couple of others) from out of my Mum in laws' garden.

Soooo today was a lil' bit chilly and overcast mid-morning, and I thought about those yummy pumpys sitting out I fetched one...
and I peeled and chopped that baby up....
roasted those chopped up bits of pumpy until they were nice and mush mush mushy..
put some oil...chopped onions...chopped garlic....chopped up bacon and potato into a big pot...
threw in the pumpkin...boy did it smell good....
then I added some chicken stock to it all and left it to do its thing...
didn't look that flash...but it smelt divine!

gave it a little blend..not too much though, I like my soup a little lumpy (Warren likes his blended all velvety smooth so will do that later for dinner).

Then...I decided that I really must try a bowl the guinea pig (or just the pig)... :)
Quickly made some wholemeal flatbread to go with the soup...and *gulp* indulged in a splash of cream!!! (must add another 20mins to time on the crosstrainer tonight!)

And I enjoyed my pumpy soup!

Asher just got home from school and consumed a bowlful too!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Before you were conceived
I wanted you
Before you were born
I Loved you
Before you were here an hour
I would die for you
This is the miracle of Life
(Maureen Hawkins)
Kendyl Stevie ~ My baby girl 13mths

My "big baby" boy Asher Gene ~ 5years

My special miracles...whom I thank God for daily!

I was not "medically" supposed to be able to bear these babies.
An ovarian Cancer survivor, diagnosed at 17, one ovary removed and the other blasted with Chemotherapy beginning on the day of my 18th birthday (memorable for all of the wrong reasons)...labelled "sterile" by my oncologist and surgeon....yet bear them I did, and hugely grateful to God I am!

My babies

Friday, 18 June 2010

Thumpin' Thursday :)

It's 11.48pm and I've just got home from an awesome Band practice.  Only problem is my ears are still thumping, and Im feeling a little  We've had a new guitarist now for a few weeks and he's fitted in really amazingly.  We're all totally amped for our next gig...roll on the weekend ... I'll try and get some pics taken.

Since Matt's taken Marks place in Kurfew, we've already learnt about 6 new songs that have been added into the setlists, and we have a whole heap more we're going to gradually add in.....exciting stuff.

Last weekends gig went really well. We didn't have an enormous crowd, but it was a great night.  The sound was awesome thanks to Eli from Rockshop for coming and doing sound for us...was just a great upbeat night.

Anyway...thats all I'm writing for Thumpin thursday.... :) thought I had better write something since it's been a few days since my last confession  I mean "blog" lol

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

....just something I noticed...

I was just having a little squizz through some of my pics....when I saw a similar theme running through a few of the pics... Funny.  Now I know Asher is obsessed with Pirates ..... but Im beginning to think it may be something in the genes...
Seriously I didn't have to hunt for these few pics...they were all just filed under "my pictures"... goodness knows how many more I will find if I actively search! heehee.
Funny thing is..."PIRATES" was our Netball/Rugby club growing up!

My niece Charlize Pirate
A sulky Asher Pirate

Daddy Larkins Pirate

Happy Asher Pirate

And Scary Neetz Pirate.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Skeletal Sunday

Well last night I sat up and drew bones...
ribcages, scapula's, tibia and fibula, radius and ulna.. Pelvis bones (Male of course)...
I think I will be able to contribute towards the next Grays anatomy manual.... in fact I swear I dreamt about bones when I finally dragged myself to bed at about 3am.

Why you ask??

It's the schools "Book Character Day"...
and Asher is going as the Silly Skeleton.  Now Mummy was a bit too scroogy to go and buy a whole heap of things since she just bought a whole Army outfit last week for the schools trench day experience, so I drew the skeleton, on an old white sheet, (using Vivid permanent marker)... and then just crudely tacked it onto Ashers black long sleeved Tshirt and old trackies.  I will finish off on Wednesday by doing a skull face in facepaint at school. :)  DISCLAIMER:  I absolutely sucked at sewing/knitting etc at school otherwise I could have done something amazing!!  It's times like this that I wish I had the sewing skills of Kristy Drake! ;)

Frontand Back
Ahhh don't you love it when you have to help your kids with their school stuff? hahaa.
I will post a pic of Asher dressed up on Wednesday later in the week.

What costumes etc have you had to make last minute for your littlies??  Would love to see some pics.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


How on earth do you get followers?? :)  I notice some people have got like hundreds!!  What do you have to do to attract the crowds?  Tell me your secrets! :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Torrential Tuesday

.....Puddles on the driveway...

Well...we have been having a lovely ol' downpour in Whangarei today :)  Personally I love it, but I know some are sick to death of it.  I love the fact that the cracks in our paddocks are finally closing up, and the grass is turning back to a lovely bright green colour... Kitty the pony is happy, Snowy, Donald and Dobbie the goats are happy, our chookies are very happy...and that makes me happy :)
The rain out our front door...

Our tank is just overflowing....woohoo..a far cry from a few weeks back!  That's always a nice thing when you're on tank water :)  There were 6 of the neighbours ducks sitting out on our driveway this it resembled a pond.  By the time I thought about taking any pics it had subsided and we were just left with some puddles. 

I love rainy days.... especially if hubby's home to snuggle with...
I love having the fire blasting too when it's pouring down outside.... lovely lovely dubbly.... :)

Now off to have a tidy up whilst my baby sleeps for a couple of hours ...
??? hmmm hot bath??  Ipod and hotchocolate whilst in a hot bath??? yep that sounds better than "tidy up"

What kind of day are you having??