Wednesday, 2 June 2010


How on earth do you get followers?? :)  I notice some people have got like hundreds!!  What do you have to do to attract the crowds?  Tell me your secrets! :)


  1. befriend others, comment, actually i dont really know i have a small amount. Although I must say I have enough trouble keeping up with the blogs I follow let alone trying to find new blogs. If you learn the secret let me know.
    OR you could have a tragic event and blog about it... people seem to be drawn to tragedy, pain and loss. So many blogs out there like that with HEAPS of followers. haha

  2. Hi there
    I will follow you :) Im on wordpress so cant do the follower thing on my blog ... and most of the time I feel like Im talking to myself. Just had a read through your blog and you are living in my home town. I went to Maunu primary school!! My Mum and Dad live in Waipu now and my sister in Dargaville.... me in Brisbane and very homesick.

  3. Hey, I'll follow ya! :o) Actually, I think I recognise you from church days... it's amazing how many people are on here from the old home town!!! Small world!!!

  4. Hmmm. I think commenting on blogs often inspires people to check out a blog... I've never really thought about followers much. I guess some blogs who give advice on a certain subject tend to have lots, like natural living kinda blogs.

    I hope you won't have a tragic event to blog about. I already blogged before "my tragic event," and I'd prefer fewer followers over having lost my love any day!!!!!!


  5. I hear posting every day helps too. But umm. I don't have many either. lol
    But I will follow ya. :)

  6. hi gorgeous - jane c here - i am in no way qualified to talk about increasing followers - but keep shining your beautiful light Nita and us moths will come!


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