Wednesday, 30 June 2010

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Okay...I know I said "wordless wednesday" but here I am writing some words....
Just asking forgiveness for being a week without a blog.....been busy...sick kiddies....sick rellies....lots on... arrghh. so hope you're having a great week  here's some pics of our "other babies" .. xxx

Miss Kitty Coo
8yrs old and cheeky as anything
Loves eating and loves Warren scratching her titties :) heehee.
Thinks she's Mummy to the 3 goats

Cassandra Miranda Millicent
(known as just "Cassie")
11yrs old.
We adopted her from our friend Roly when he left Taranaki
She's neurotic, and fears everything...including her own shadow.
She's a bit crazy...but funnily she fits in! ;)
Mr Chub
(Chubby ChooChoo)
3yrs old
Asher was "given" him by his aunty while we were passing through the 'Naki on our campervan trip.
He is the cruisiest cat out! Thinks he's human.  He likes to wind Cassie up big time!
Hes fearless (or just plain dumb) and gets into some crazy situations.

Dobbie Dingleberry
Dobbie is a gun at scratching his back with his horns...also a gun at getting those horns up Ashers shorts legs and causing chaos!  He's cheeky and a little bossy.  Loves a scratch on the head and trimming the hedge like he's doing here. He hates the electric fence ... tried to chew on it one afternoon and learnt his lesson!!
Donald Doodlebop
4yrs old
We got Donald and Dobbie off Warrens sister Joy and bottlefed them when they were bubs. Donald has always been my favourite, as he is just that little bit quieter than Dobbie...he loves smooches and cuddles and he actually looks like he is smiling when you cuddle him (which makes him even more loveable).  He is usually the escape artist,and so has been made to wear a yoke of sorts to stop him getting through the fence.  He doesn't seem to feel the electric fence ??
He has begun growing a cute beard even though he no longer has his "manly assetts" ;)

We have another shy little girl goat called Snowy who we never manage to capture on camera... she can be cuddly when she wants to, but generally likes to keep to herself.  Shes a little younger than the boys, and they tend to be a little rough on her if she comes and hangs around for cuddles.

We also have a number of chookies...but I can't be bothered posting pics of them...heehee. another day/night

What animals do you guys have??  We had an awesome rotty called "Floyd Sebastian Montenegro"... would love to get another dog soon...

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