Monday, 21 June 2010

Soupy Monday

My lovely hubby and son went away this weekend to Cambridge (hubbys parents and Sister are in Cambridge).  They had a nice night away from us girls, and they returned with these yummy pumpkins (and a couple of others) from out of my Mum in laws' garden.

Soooo today was a lil' bit chilly and overcast mid-morning, and I thought about those yummy pumpys sitting out I fetched one...
and I peeled and chopped that baby up....
roasted those chopped up bits of pumpy until they were nice and mush mush mushy..
put some oil...chopped onions...chopped garlic....chopped up bacon and potato into a big pot...
threw in the pumpkin...boy did it smell good....
then I added some chicken stock to it all and left it to do its thing...
didn't look that flash...but it smelt divine!

gave it a little blend..not too much though, I like my soup a little lumpy (Warren likes his blended all velvety smooth so will do that later for dinner).

Then...I decided that I really must try a bowl the guinea pig (or just the pig)... :)
Quickly made some wholemeal flatbread to go with the soup...and *gulp* indulged in a splash of cream!!! (must add another 20mins to time on the crosstrainer tonight!)

And I enjoyed my pumpy soup!

Asher just got home from school and consumed a bowlful too!


  1. So you just whipped up some flat bread. You are mother/wife of the year. MMM I love pumpy soup. :)

  2. Oh and Hi nice to meet you :) I'm widge

  3. off to get me some of those pumpys right now....what's Spanish cream?

  4. Mmm, pumpkin soup... I like the green pate that you served your lunch on! I used to have a turquoise one just like it but it broke :o( A lot of my family live in Cambridge too... it's such a cute little town! I got married in the big white church there as you drive into town, 8 years ago today, in fact! :o)

  5. Oh Lisa...tell my hubby the mother/wife of the year thing...he'll laugh his butt off! lol

    And Hi Widge :) nice to meet you too :) and spanish cream??? hmm not sure ( I said "splash of cream" in my I think spanish cream has vanilla essence in it doesnt it?? lol

    and "Hi" kiwi chick! Yeah I know the's lovely. never been inside but would love to see the inside of it! Thanks you chicks for stopping by xx

  6. haha oh. whoops. yeah I'm seeing things ;)

  7. Wish we'd been at your house for lunch that day! The soup sounds and looks fantastic. x


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