Thursday, 18 March 2010

I love my husband

with the kids @ soccer

How blessed am I
Finding you among the rest
finding you, who for me is best
You complete make me...You know me so well
I love you so wide and so deep
forever to keep
In wake and in sleep
How Blessed am I.

(At the acropolis in Greece 2003)
I recently went in to town to do the grocery shop on the weekend.  I usually do it through the week so that we don't have the mundane things like that taking up our family weekends...but this week had been particularly hectic. 

I did the shopping, Hubby dropped me off and took the kids to the park, and to do a few Daddy things with them...scooter riding and such.  So, when I was coming through checkout, I sent him a text saying..."Nearly all done, and ready for pickup sir" lol  (the sir in keeping with the Man being the "supposed" head of the house and all!)

Thanks to vodafone that day ... he didn't recieve my text immediately, so I was standing out front of the supermarket waiting impatiently   in a very understanding and patient manner (snigger snigger).  As I waited, another couple came out and began to pack their groceries in their car. 

Then the yelling and abusive language started.  This guy (and NO he wasn't Maori either) was yelling at his heavily pregnant wife about what she'd forgotten in the shop, and how "bloody useless" she was. This went on for a good while before he ordered her to get her "big fat ass back in and get (whatever the product was) since she was such an dumb b....."
I was gobsmacked and my heart just sunk to the ground, I felt so sad for this chick who by this stage was sobbing and apologising and steering clear of the mouthy idiot.

I decided that while I was not game to "jump in" and defend her, I was not going to look fact I wanted him to see me and the fact that I was totally disgusted in his attitude.  I stared at him...and I stared hard, I even took my sunglasses off so he'd know I wasn't just looking in the "general direction". 
He turned and he saw me alright, and he turned red.  I decided to rub it in a little more and I shook my head ... all the while staring hard. He began to throw things into the car at that point, like a kid having a tanty.  He was a total dork and I wish I was a 7 ft guy I would've stomped up to him and told him what was going on in my mind!

Not long after, my wonderful husband and kiddies pulled up and Warren got out to put our groceries away... he wondered what he'd done when I pulled him close and gave him the biggest smoochiest kiss.... :)  I said..."I soooooo Love're a good husband, and you area a wonderful man...I am very lucky"...

I then relayed to him what I'd seen across the way....and was delighted to see Mr Mouthy look over while I was telling the story...I even pointed in the general direction, and we both shook our heads...heehee.. (yeah, we were stirring big time!!).

Man... I am so blessed with my choice of husband/best friend/lover.  NEVER NEVER EVER has he ever spoken to me like that even when we're having "disagreements.. lol"... Never ever has he called me anything awful or been disrespectful...NEVER! 

It's not that I don't "know" I have a great husband, but sometimes I forget just how great he is and how blessed I am until something awful like the experience above happens and reminds me.
Thanks Warren. You're awesome and I love you so much xxx