Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Torrential Tuesday

.....Puddles on the driveway...

Well...we have been having a lovely ol' downpour in Whangarei today :)  Personally I love it, but I know some are sick to death of it.  I love the fact that the cracks in our paddocks are finally closing up, and the grass is turning back to a lovely bright green colour... Kitty the pony is happy, Snowy, Donald and Dobbie the goats are happy, our chookies are very happy...and that makes me happy :)
The rain out our front door...

Our tank is just overflowing....woohoo..a far cry from a few weeks back!  That's always a nice thing when you're on tank water :)  There were 6 of the neighbours ducks sitting out on our driveway this morning...as it resembled a pond.  By the time I thought about taking any pics it had subsided and we were just left with some puddles. 

I love rainy days.... especially if hubby's home to snuggle with...
I love having the fire blasting too when it's pouring down outside.... lovely lovely dubbly.... :)

Now off to have a tidy up whilst my baby sleeps for a couple of hours ...
??? hmmm hot bath??  Ipod and hotchocolate whilst in a hot bath??? yep that sounds better than "tidy up"

What kind of day are you having??

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  1. Hmmm..sounds like paradise in your wonderful part of the world..it definately makes me miss home..most days are good and i appreciate what God has provided for us..then there are other days when i wish that i was back with my friends n family..it will get easier i know and i truly do love it here..and we will come back for a holiday which i can't wait for..well keep blogging girl and will be stopping in to see whats happening in your world as often as i can..lots of love Megs xxxx


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