Sunday, 25 September 2011

A year ago today.....we said Goodbye to our Aunty.

Today (when I wake up after actually going to bed soon..) is going to be filled with all sorts of memories.... things like " At this time last year, Aunty Ceri was still alive, and we were talking to her, cuddling her, even though she was not totally responsive".   "At this time last year, we all had to make the decision to turn off all of the equipment".  "At this time last year, we were saying our farewells".  "At this time last year, Aunty Ceri had died.................".

And then just under a year ago I wrote THIS POST summing up what a beautiful, though tremendously sad occasion her funeral was.

I just re-read the post, which I haven't really for a while, and the flood of emotions was enormous... tears still flowing.  Miss you Aunty Ceri.... xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hello Bloggy friends!

Hi y'all :)

Yeah I'm back kinda.  Been having mega problems with Blogger lately....I better not start bleating on about it I might think rude swear words in my head.  Sometimes it works fabulously, other times not so.  Today and last week it sucked ... so I just didn't post at all.  (and I was on a big come-back, since I actually had a bit of spare time!).

So....anyway... what's been going on with me??

~ Lots of gigs (which is a good thing, as it means MONEY... but also late late nights..even on school nights with all of this Rugby world cup bizzo going on!  Upside is meeting lots of fun people from all over the world!  It's been fab!  Been really having a great time with the other guys, gigging lots and getting lots of new songs down.  (Loads of weddings coming up too!).

~ Costume making.  My sons school has their school production coming up "Kids in Space".  Well, since I apparently did a good job on my sons astronaut costume, several of the teachers put my name down to help make costumes!!!  arrghh.  So, I have been making Astronaut costumes... constructing lifepacks/backpacks, making up badges for the suits, generally thinking "space space space", and trying to fit that all in around the band stuff, and sick children, and then getting a tummy bug myself! But WHEW I'm done now (as of yesterday), so can just BREATHE this weekend.  The production is next week.

~ Organising stuff for soccer prizegiving.   Yes I have been the one chasing money from parents so that we can give our coaches some token of thanks for their awesome job this year.  Only problem is that people are avoiding me at all costs......... pretending they can't see me and quickly running the other way.... (and I have so not been in the mood to chase them down and tackle them even with all this rugby fever in the air).
Seriously though, you'd think I was asking for the money for ME...... AND... I haven't even been pressuring anyone , I just said..."If you would like to"....  so anyway, after settling for a nice bottle of red wine, a box of choccies, and a voucher to a local cafe for 2 main meals and 2 hot drinks instead of the cool-as "COACH" t-shirt, with the coaches name underneath, that we'd hoped we might be able to afford....I have vowed not to be the money chaser nexAB'S!!!"t year!! :) heehee. 
Anyway prizegiving went really well. Gorgeous weather today, and great turn out, and over and done with before lunch which is an even bigger bonus!! (can spend all day getting ready for the game tonight!!)... "GO THE MIGHTY

~ Raising baby chickens for Agriculture day.   Well yes, we got these baby chicks... started with 2 (Adele and Joss Stone),  then the next week someone had had enough of theirs so we adopted theirs  (now named Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift).  These little babes are now coming up 5 weeks, and are growing so rapidly.  They are demanding little so and so's but are so cute when I put my arms up and they think I'm a tree!  ;)  We are very attached, even though they've lost that REALLY cute look ... all fluffy and cotton-bally...they're now looking very scraggly as their "big chicky" feathers are popping through.  Oh man, the poo!  They are now in their pen in the garage still with a lamp at night cos its been quite cold!! (sooky).  then out in the sun through the day, and out for cuddles whenever we feel like it.  We're hoping to come up with some easy costumes for Ag day... Asher's still keen on making some Ninja leg-bands with ninja stars on them... lol  I'm still keen to get them walking on a leash...LOL  (see google for training your chicken to walk in a dog harness/leash!!!) lol.  Hubby however keeps going on about how nice they'd look on a rottisserie... LOL.

Anyway...I am off now to do a bit of laundry..... I say a bit I MEAN a mountain, as I have been so caught up the last week with these costumes...that I've kinda let the laundry "go"... nobody's run out of undies yet so it can't be too bad!!?? lol

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Big Lovies and hugs..

Just wanna send out some big love and gracious thanks to all who were good enough to actually READ my lengthy story and then leave such lovely comments.  Thanks guys, and I'm glad some of you were encoraged!  That's awesome!   Writing my story these last several weeks, has made me once again, put things into perspective.  I've been so much more patient/tolerant with my babies ... appreciated them more, and made an effort to just put the less important things aside and just hang with my babes....  It is so easy to forget all the awesome things we have to be thankful for.... and to prioritise when it comes to what we do with our time.  Several times over the last few weeks, I have crawled into bed with my sound-asleep son and cuddled him tightly while he snored or farted... and I have just loved him... loved holding him, appreciating him...  I have made an effort to catch my little girl doing "good things" instead of growling at her for the naughty stuff.... I've snuggled her... laughed much more.....  so this "story telling" has been great for me! ;)

Tonight I attended a scrapbooking night.... I did my layout on "My Family"  (not very original huh?) .   A simple layout with a big pic of my sunshiney boy laughing at something.... a cute pic of my girl with her hair sticking out in all directions with shampoo bubbles on top.... and a pic of Warren and I cuddling in our pre-baby days, having his birthday lunch in May 2003, at a country pub just outside of Nottingham England. 
I love these guys so much my heart almost bursts....   I must make sure I tell them that regularly!

I dare you to spend some extra time with your loved ones this coming week..... ;) xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Babies after Ovarian Cancer... Miracles!

so...where was I before my almost month-long blog drought??  heehe.

I had discovered I was pregnant.  I was elated, I was excited, I was SCARED.
Scared that after all the oncology visits/appts I had attened since my diagnosis, everyone had said I would NEVER get pregnant, and IF I did...then it probably wouldn't be pretty....

Warren and I had to delve deep to see how we felt about this baby... were we truly prepared for the "what might be's??" we had so many things we had to consider.  First...did we want to "test" to see if this babe was "normal" and second...what did we want to do in the case that the babe was "malformed" or "not normal"?  I knew where I stood on the topic of "abortion",but ?what about abortion if there was some deformity or life-threatening problem with the baby?  I had not had to consider that before.  The more I thought about it though, the more I knew I had to leave it to my God.  He who had been with me through the Cancer diagnosis, through the treatment, through the recovery, and now got me into remission...He who had blessed me with a wonderful guy, and now He who had blessed me with the desire of my carry MY baby inside of me...
I had to leave it to my God. 
Hubby on the other hand though.... I wasn't sure how he would really feel about it all.

When he said to me.... "This is our baby.... We will love him/her regardless of what they do/do not have...."  I fell even more in love with him.  He wanted our baby just as much as I did and was not going to consider termination,.
We decided we weren't even going to test for any problems.  We would wait and see.
I am not even going to try to sum up how much of a pain the whole pregnancy was, but lets just say the fun was taken out of being pregnant by constant follow-up/appointments etc with Midwives, Obstetricians, Oncologists, blood tests, scans (I had a total of 12 scans all up with my first pregnancy),  on top of all the "normal" preggy checks.  All due to my cancer history.  I had at least 2 appointments every single week for the whole of my pregnancy, and boy was that tedious.

Oh, that's right... whenever our hospital had student doctors/nurses in, we'd get them....since our pregnancy was such a "miracle" (thank you Lord).  Often we'd have to repeat my medical and surgical history several times over, and then be asked if we minded this or that student having a look at my scarring, and even a poke and prod around... hhaha.

Anyway as the pregnancy progressed, i got to about 34 weeks when I started getting some excruciating pain, which I can only describe as a "ripping" internally... and it was getting so bad that I could not sleep or sometimes even move without exacerbating it.  This pain turned out to be the internal scars and adhesions from all of the surgeries I had been through, and the growth of bub, and his requiring more space meant stretching of these.  I cannot tell you how painful this was even though my midwife at the time thought it "shouldn't be THAT sore".

When the time came to have our baby..despite my waters breaking, I did not progress into labour at all.
After a day without any niggles or such, they started with the induction.  Over the next couple of days I had a total of 6 tries with prostaglandin gel, all without any effect, and still no onset of labour.  When the Obstetritican came to me and said..."Juanita how do you feel about a Cesarean?"  I said "Bring it on!".

She gave me the option of later that afternoon, or first thing Sunday morning, .... I said "I'll take the morning when you've had a great sleep and are feeling refreshed thanks!!"

Early the next morning, Mum and Dad came up and sat with Warren and I as I was prepped for the surgery.  I was totally excited and not at all scared of the c-section, Warren on the other hand was a little nervous!  Mum was on standby just in case Warren couldn't handle coming in.... ha ha.
We prayed for our baby....and what we were going to be possibly faced with, and we were ready to go.

The prep was fine, and we got in to the theatre, and FINALLY Warren arrived in his white gumboots...heehe.  It was happening. 

I was very lucky that a good friend of mine who I'd done my nursing training with, was in charge of theatre that morning, so she was in there with Warren and I.  She also videoed the entire c-section/birth for us, so that was a bonus.  It was taking a while, and there was no "wahh wahh" from I asked..."Do we have a baby yet?" and they took down the divider, and held up our baby.... and the doctor said..."Look, he's beautiful isn't he??"  And that's when we first saw our beautiful, PERFECT, gorgeous baby boy.
Asher Gene Bassett, 7lb6oz, all 10 toes and fingers, and the only thing that looked at all "malformed" was his huge testicles!! (which after a few days were NORMAL!) heehee.

The relief we felt at having a baby boy who was just so lovely was really overwhelming.  It was worth all of the annoying lead up throughout the pregnancy.
A few weeks after having Asher, I clearly recalled the prophesy from the visiting preacher guy...when he said he saw a "light" coming from my abdomen...and I truly belive that my becoming pregnant, and having an ovary that 'worked" was what that light signified!

Well, we were very blessed with our little man, our little miracle.  And a "Miracle" is what my doctors always referred to him as.  We were also told that it was probably just luck that we'd had him and that we shouldn't count on being able to have any more.  So, when Asher was 4 and there was still no sign of another child, we would just say "Oh well, thanks Lord, for our boy!" and thought that was it for us. 
When our son kept asking for a brother or a sister, and was more and more persistant, we started talking about possibly adopting... 
That very weekend, I had a gig on up in KeriKeri, and while I was singing, I almost passed out, I felt nauseous, and generally just awful...  I crawled off the stage mid-song, leaving my guitarist to finish singing, and was in a heap on the floor.  "There is something very very wrong with me" I thought....

Long story short, ..... I was pregnant.  Warren was over the moon.  Asher promptly told ALL of playcentre the very morning I took a test and it was positive..... so there was no hiding the fact, or even getting used to it, since everyone knew from day 1!  Asher told everyone that he had been praying for a sister! 

He was right, he got his sister (which i think he sometimes regrets now! haha).  Kendyls pregnancy was even more unenjoyable than Ashers, because we had to add gestational diabetes to the mix, which meant almost living at the hospital!  But we got there...and we got our baby girl. 
I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the desire of my heart.  I have carried my babies...I have been a Mummy/am a mummy.... all when medical staff told me I would not...  My God is greater.  My God knows best!  Thanks God xx

**Sorry about the lack of pictures, Im on my husbands laptop which doesn't have any!!**

Tuesday, 6 September 2011 blog dashboard is "fixed" :)

I have been meaning to blog for like...forever, but I have had this annoying thing happening on my dashboard, where the text box (that I'm currently writing in) is covering the other icons, so I haven't been able to post pics, or really DO anything, so I have been saying to myself..."until that's rectified, then stuff it, I am not blogging!".  So I have logged in today and WA-LAH, it's fixed!!  Oh and I have so very much to blog about.... :)
this is me incase you've forgotten
Catch you soon xx