Friday, 30 March 2012

This week in a second...

Wow.. where has this week gone?  I've been crazy busy again.... so that's why there's been no posting for me.

What have I been up to?

Birthday parties 
Three to attend this last week.  Presents to buy.  Places to be at the right times!

 We played a Wedding on a wet wet Saturday night at Tututkaka.  It was beautiful, but it was cold!  We have another big wedding on this weekend (Tomorrow) at the Kensington Stadium... should be a blast!

Family stuff :
organising my Dad for his "Angel Flight"... He is going to be the first recipient of the Angel Flight service.... so have been helping to organise that for next week.  You can read about it HERE.

Usual stuff: 
The usual... daily stuff.. making lunches, making dinners, making appointments, mainly music (and preparing for a special mainly music easter session!), playcentre, friends around for coffee, cleaning, learning new songs, practices, attending church while looking like a zombie (since you didn't get home from a gig just 4 hours earlier!!)  etc.

Not so usual stuff:
helping my friend get into the Northland Shave for a cure group that had their heads shaved this morning live on air on More FM.  She did really well, only signed up on Monday for it .. .and had it done this morning, and managed to raise $695 in those few days!! ... (Well done Kerinda).

My other friend Tracy from Inside the scrapheap is also shaving off her locks in a few days ((GO TRACE))!  And she has done amazingly well in raising some good $$!!

And on top of that, planning a "circus themed" birthday party for my nearly 3 year old!! (fun fun).

I'm headed up to Kaitaia tonight to drop the kiddies off to stay with Nana and Papa, so hubby can come and be our roadie/sound&lighting guy at this weekends gigs!  :) Yay for awesome parents / babysitters !! Love them!! x
Have a great weekend my friends :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Where have all the bloggers gone... ???

.... long time passing... where have all the bloggers gone??  

Okay, I have had a bit of a "clear out" of all the blogs that I don't really do it for me anymore... painting ones here, storywriting ones there... etc.  But while I have been busy doing my sort through, a number of my favourite bloggers have decided to take a break of their own, and one has even closed down her blog.  

Some are just not feeling very "bloggy" at the moment, and their posts are pretty sporadic (like mine were earlier this year....).   So often that leaves me checking out my "blog list" and going...
"Read that one.... Read that one... Oh, read that too.... "

So, I am on the lookout.....

I'm looking right.... I'm looking left... 
In fact I'm even looking right bang smack straight ahead!

I'm looking for some new and exciting blogs that I can follow.

 And that is where you .... my awesome bloggy friends come in handy... I'm counting on you leaving me some comments... some suggestions about who you follow... and why.... 

Any recommendations would be great!  


As you were 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Play time with Kendyl

Well, we've had a busy kinda few days lately, and have been here there and everywhere, and feeling a little "house-bound" with the weather we've had (storms and flooding etc).  So, we got out the dress up clothes and make up today.  Just Kendyl (almost 3yrs) and I. Kendyl wanted to play I did up her face  did her hair up in a bun, and put on her tutu some stockings and a little ballerina shirt
She looks cute!

When I had finished she said "Now it's your turn Mumma"
"Okay" I said and sat down to put on some make up.... 
"No no noooooooooo" she yelled... "IIII want to do your face like you did mine!"


This is the outcome!!  
((hopefully I don't get some MEANY PANTS leaving horrible Simones post the other day huh Simoney??))  ... ......

She even added the false eyelashes... (though one was stabbing me in the eye, so I had to "rearrange"
Now I did think twice before posting this, as it is pretty scary, and looks part drag-queen, part sad drunk... LOL  but then I thought... "Hey who cares???" 
It's my babys work of art.... on a less than excited canvas!! 

Took a pic, just for Kristy (Paisley Jade) since she's moustache crazy.... heehee

And because we can never "JUST" take a picture of Kendyl...there always has to be a weird "open eyed/open mouthed pic".... here is that pic...

What sorts of fun did you get up to today??

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A letter to my babies.....

My two little ratbags
How you bring so much happiness to my life
Sure I grumble and I groan
and I moan at you to do this and to not do that
But the love I have for you is so deep
so unfathomable
So raw and so full

And it amazes me
How this love I have for you
began even before I first heard your hearts beat
increased when I did
and just overflowed when I got my first glimpse of you
I Love you
even though you sometimes don't listen
and make me so darn cross that I feel like exploding
I Love you, even when I'm disappointed about your actions
I Love you more than I could ever explain to you
I cringe when I see you're about to get hurt
I want to save you whenever possible
I want to wrap you up and protect you from everything bad in the world
I want to take your sickness when you're unwell
I want to make you better even if it costs me
Because I Love you so much
Being a Mum has changed me
It's made me scared.........worried all the time about you
It's made me feel like an overprotective Rottweiler
ready to defend you at the click of a finger
It's made me a control freak
I don't want you to hurt
I don't want you to be worried or scared
I don't want you to suffer rejection
I don't want you to be lonely, made fun of, or to be picked on
But as much as I don't want all of that...I want you to LIVE
I want you to LEARN
I want you to know that it's okay to come last in the race
It's okay not to be the coolest kid in the class
It's okay that we haven't got the best car/house/bikes (insert object here)
Whatever happens......YOU will always be loved
You were always wanted, longed for, dreamt about
You were our miracles, given by God when doctors said we'd never have you
You will always have Me
You will always have Dad
You will always have Grandparents who think you're just awesome
Aunties and Uncles who wanna hang out with you and know how you're doing
Cousins who miss you when you're not around.
You will always be loved
You will always be wanted
You will always be Good enough!
You will always have us.........even when you don't necessarily want us
You will always have us.
I Love you my babes

Love Mum xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Window to my Weekend

Well, what a cool weekend.

Saturday started with a bit of a sleep in, until rudely awoken by Sarge barking at our neighbour who was spraying along our fenceline!  (Thanks a heap Sargey!)  The family just kicked back .... the weather was lovely enough to finish off the ever increasing washing pile, (got it all dried too!).  It was a really nice bit of cruisey time just to hang out with the kids and play, and just "be".
Blimmen nuisance!!

Hubby got all the lawns and even the neighbours strip of lawn nicely mowed and looking great, and before we knew it, it was time to get the car loaded up with our band gear ready for the nights gig.
Our Stage all set and ready for action!!!



Saturday nights gig was FAN-TAS-TIC!  We were hired by another popular local band called "Tempist Fujit" to play at their sons 21st birthday, as they wanted to enjoy the night without having to be the entertainment.  We know these guys well, and I have worked with them before, so we were looking forward to getting out there and playing bayyybe!!  The theme was GREEN...since it was St Patricks day afterall!  Matt (guitarist) wore some of my green fairy wings and some tinsel...... Kyle (bassist) had a green tinsel wig and some  strategically placed bits of green tinsel and some green facepaint.... and Fraser decorated his drums with some green tinsel.  I had a lime green hooded cape, and some green accessories too, so we joined in with the spirit of the night!
The crowd were AWESOME... they danced from the word go.  They screamed and they yelled for more, and we had a really enjoyable gig out in a huge Marquee, with a whole lot of crazy party animals!

<<< Matt took this HIDEOUS picture of me... I was trying to pull some Elvis facial...with pouted lip etc... but it just looks like I'm a bit drunk and ferocious!  (no alcohol passed these lips.... AND I was actually not at all angry..... lol).

 Fun Fun Fun


So, got home around 3am, cold, tired and with some aches........but a lovely hot shower (yeah, at 3am) was just perfect before crawling into bed and getting some zzzzzzz's!

This morning I got up a bit too late to head off to church, so we slothed it.  We ate delicious left-over Pizza for breakfast  (how disgustingly unhealthy is that??)  heehee.  And we hung out together.. Warren, the kids and me.   Just how I LOVE it! <3

Kendyl and I decided to do some baking for school lunches (and to pig out on!).  So it was a Banana cake and some gingernut biscuits on the cooking list (their request...not really mine!).   My little junior masterchef loves to TASTE help me cook!  She also loves to don the apron and "chef hat" to do so!

While we were cooking, Hubby got down his OLD OLD toy train set, that he got when he was a boy of about 9............. ('s an ANTIQUE!!)  hahaha.. I love teasing him about how old and grungey his train set is...because he loves it so much...  Funnily enough Asher also loves getting it out and playing with it....  (boy thing obviously).


The egg on the right are size 7 eggs and the big fat rounded looking mama is what our Hyline chookies are laying ... it's their very first lay ever, but all 4 of them are pushing out these HUGE mamas!!!  Man, no wonder they make such a noise when they lay!! LOL.

While Warren was up in his closet....he also found his (very scary looking  cute) OLD stuffed toy....... Ellie the Elephant (she has measles painted on her from when Warren had them also!!!) .... Funnily enough, Kendyl LOVES Ellie....   (I think she looks like she has "mad elephant disease" to be honest)... SPOOKY.

So... that's what's been going on at the Bassett residence this weekend.
What fun did you guys get up to .......anything really exciting?


PS: Don't know what's happening with the random placement of the photos...sorry bout that... will try and sort it tomorrow...Imoff to bed it's after 3am again!!! arrgh!