Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wordless (mostly) Wednesday

My kids and my bros kids...  I luv these little monsters!!

We did it again..... :)

We had our 3rd bloggers meet up.  This time congregating at the lovely Renettes abode.  I had been slightly distracted upon leaving for said "meet" and halfway to Renettes place realised I had left my freshly baked Ginger loaf on the hallway table (DOH).  On arriving though, we were greeted with gorgeous little cocoa ball things...mmm,  cake...delish!,  grapes (healthy option), and then later yummmmmmy Sushi ((thanks Leonie!!)).  My little "bottomless pit" of an almost 2yr old grazed constantly, despite my pathetic efforts to at least slow her down... (shame!).
It was so lovely to all come together again and have a nice ol catch up. 
I got to give TracyP all the squeezy cuddles in person that I had promised. It is so very nice to be able to give some real-life support and not just via the net!
It was lovely to have the awesome BeckyBoo join us, looking ever so svelte!!  (and it's always very nice to catch up with her wherever/whenever cos she's just the most lovely chick). 
Great to see our awesomely craftily clever supermummy (Whangareis version of Bree the Pioneer woman!!)...Kristy!!!.  Oh...and by the way, we got a glimpse of the totally awesomely immaculate and gorgeous softies that she (Kristy) made and passed on to Leonie for the Christchurch kids!! Well done PaisleyJade!
So nice to see Simone and her lovely kiddies again today too :) She missed the last meet up, so was cool to have a catch up with her again.
And Renette, she was a great hostess...made us a lovely cuppa and made us all feel at home. We got to meet her Mummy and also her cousin, and then later another friend of hers who has just moved up from wellington and wants to become a blogger!! (yayy).
I've said it before, but I am really enjoying spending time with these awesome gals...sometimes when you meet new people it can be a bit of an effort to get to know each other...etc.. but with this crew it has been easy as!  Lots of common ground...not just the bloggy thing, but lifestyle, beliefs, love and support.  I have found these new friends a true blessing, refreshing company, a good laugh, and I look forward to lots more time spent together.......
Oh, and by the way.... we were missing our other mate Jackie, who was nursing her poor little bubs with chickenpox!! Can't wai to see ya next time Jax xxxxxxxxx

PS:  Im going to make a concious effort to get another couple of blogs in before the end of the week, so as not to be called the S word from Tracy again even though I totally deserve it...... (((SLACKER, that is!!))) lol

Monday, 21 March 2011

Busy - ness

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things to do .... the amount of places to be.... the different things I've got to remember lately.  So much so that I have resorted to doing what I always laugh and harrass my Dad for doing. 


Just on Friday I had 3 alerts go off all within 4minutes of each other...hahah that's how bad it's getting.

Now, was that first one to wake up, the second to wake up and the third one to well and truly wake up or what???   The alerts are confusing me!  I feel like I have preggy brain all over again...What is wrong with me??  Theres too much to remember......

Theres the kids...
The Band
Oh....don't forget the hubby!!  *( H too!)
The animals
Cleaning (I usually try to forget this one for as long as possible)
The video shoot for the music video
......... I know I've forgotten something in the list, but you know what??  Who cares, Im gonna go and get a coffee and have a cuddle with my little girl! ;)  I'll try and catch up with all I've forgotten in 10 mins or so!!!


Friday, 18 March 2011

One of the men in my life......

 I seriously love this dude.... and no, he's not my husband!!

He's my BABY brother! (Well, my only brother).

So many stories I could tell (and love telling his kiddies).

We've been through so much together, and he's always had my back!

He's a muso
A Surfer
A really hard worker.
And hes a great Daddy/hubby.

My kids adore him and are always talking about Uncle BobBob.
I love my bro, and am so blessed to have him...Thanks God xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Boy it's been a bad year and a bit for our family............

Warrens Nana, then Pop passed away early last year, then later in the year we lost my very lovely Aunty Ceri who was so very much a part of our everyday life...and the kids life...  then my Dads brother, Uncle Tommy passed away (in Perth) in December, just before Christmas, and just on Tuesday night another of his brothers, Uncle Warren passed away suddenly in Auckland.  

I've really felt for our family, you know it's rough losing one member of your family....but several really knocks you! 

A couple of weeks ago, when we last met Whangarei blogging mums, we had a long discussion on death, and losing loved ones, and we all agreed that now.........we take more photos of our families, and loved ones..."just in case"..

We're packing up to head North for the funeral, and tomorrow will gather and meet up with all of my cousins who I haven't seen for ages....and guess what...I'm taking my camera!!  I'm going to "photograph my gluteus maximus off!!"  I am going to make the most of any potential photo opportunities...and the time that I get with my extended whanau.  We have to make our time COUNT...

Love n hugs xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Visiting Aunty :)

Well...I've just had a lovely visit from my Aunty Didee (my Mums older sister).  She turned up unexpected, and was not put off by my very messy house in dire need of a clean....or of the 2 children who are home with snotty/coldy germs! 

Aunty Di lives in Kaitaia, and she's down in Whangarei for a couple of days looking after one of her grandies while my cuzz goes on a work conference, so while Miss T was at school, she popped around to spend the day with me :) 

I must admit, I was a bit embarrassed that I had chosen today to be ultra-slothful....I had the breakfast dishes out ... not in the dishwasher yet.... there were tissues from here to china.....(some clean and some soooo not!).... the carpet in our lounge had just been ripped up as the carpet layers are coming in it looks a bit rugged and manky in there at the moment....  In fact, the kids had eaten breakfast in the lounge, since our stereo/lounge suite etc has been pushed into the dining area and we cannot access our dining table...  so there were stray bits of crust from Kendyls toast on the floor.  Washing on the floor..(I HAD folded it at least...but hadn't put it away at this stage!)... there was a pile of dirty washing ready to go into the washing machine....  but you know what........ it didn't phase her ((thank heavens)).

We had a cuppa and then she studiously worked with Asher to clean up his bedroom and put away the stray clothes/toys.... then as I cleaned the kitchen, she worked away in the spare room tidying up (kids in tow).  I managed to get the vacuuming done while she and the kiddies went and fed the goats/horse, and then "WA-LAHHH"... The house was clean!! :)

Then hubby arrived home (great timing) ... as he was bringing me a new tyre since I ran over a glass bottle and my "nearly new" tyre was munted....and it was time for lunch out on the deck  (yummy ham/cheese/lettuce/tomato/advocado Pita breads followed by Watermelon!!)  oh and some yummy popcorn!!

Now she's headed off and the kids are missing her already, and me, I've had a lovely day catching up with a lovely Aunty :) .....AND got a tidy house!! :)
Don't you love family???

Clicky beetles, fly poo and stuff...

Man oh man, is it just me, or are there like millions of clicky beetles out there lately??  Every single day I vacuum up unthinkable amounts of the little black annoying things!  Now I am pretty sure I would have remembered if there was anything written in the bible about "plagues of clicky bugs", but because of the sheer number of them I was almost tempted to get out my concordance and just check ya know!!

What's with the clicky bug anyway?  Seriously, I have been lazy and not yet googled the "clicky bug"... but some of you knowledgeable types might know off the tops of your heads....What do they do?  Apart from annoy us by clicking in the middle of the night (at which time the click sounds like it's several hundred decibels.......especially if it finds something like a piece of plastic or tin to click against!!!!).

And ... while we're on the subject of annoying things..... what about the state of the flies at the moment!!??  ((and I KNOW this is not just at our house, as others have complained about the flies around lately)). 

I just happened to "look up" on the door frames, and noticed the amount of fly poo seemed to have tripled of late..........arrghh..I'm sure I just cleaned that all off not too long ago, and already here I am having to wash some of the door frames/walls.....well everything actually!!  Im so over the flies......we've actually managed for the last few years to just use 2 of those squirty fly killy machine thinga-me-jigs (sorry can't remember what brand ours is)... but hubby just went out and got another 2 to add to our growing arsenal!  On top of that we still have some fly spray in the cupboards which we also have to use.............its just grosse!!
Do you think the flies are becoming immune to the chemicals which we have been bombarding them with over the recent years??  Do you think they're mutating and waging war on our door frames/walls with their faecal matter??  I think they are, and I'm sick of it.... so much so that today I got the vacuum out, and sucked the little mummas right up into the vacuum while they were happily moving their bowels on the windows!!! hahah.. take that!!! That will be the last dump they take in the Bassett Bungalow thank you very much! (of course there's always their extended family members who will probably come along the very next day......)  *SIGH*.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Maungatapere Mainly Music is up and running Baabyyy!!

Well we did it. Our little team from our little community church held our first Mainly Music session yesterday, and it went really well (if we do say so ourselves!).
We had a good turn out of 18 children and about 10 Mummies, and we sang and danced our little hearts out!
I loved going to Mainly Music when Asher was a bub, and he loved to sing and dance and carry on, and watching Kendyl yesterday took me back a few years, it was great!

 The kids all had a ball, and the mums stayed for ages... a good sign they felt "at home" with us :)

 Kendyl's watching Karen and Andrea jump around like Bunnies, and she thinks it's just hilarious!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I've been so slack...

I haven't got round to blogging lately... but I am getting there.  Had so much on and so much to do...
Had a cool day yesterday meeting up with the crazy bunch.. ohh eerr I mean the Blogger group, at Mair Park :) Got lots of pics etc and had a fun hang-out.  All the while though there's a nagging in the back of my mind....wondering where my friend is.... she remains un-found after the Christchurch earthquake, and she's not far from my mind. :(

Anyway...will blog soon. Promise promise ;)