Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Catching up..

Hi friends :) I thought it was about time I showed myself here in blogland.
I know you're all used to my "here and there" posts, I'm a "part time blogger".
(Sung to tune of Stevie Wonders "Part time Lover")

... call in post twice, then no one home,
you think I've left you all alone
don't want nothing to be wrong,
Im Part time blogger

... If Im not here, dont think Im dead,
got nothing new inside my head,
I don't crochet and don't sew,
Im Part time blogger

... I don't always know which things to write abooouutt.. yeah
Sometimes I just, want to scream and shout

... so that's me "Neetz", Im here again
 just typing free, won't use my pen
 Im just hiding in my den,
 Im Part time blogger

 ... Not you..just me... Part time blogger Not she just Neetz... Part time blogger... (fade out)

lol. See... nothing! nothing in my head..
Well actually thats a total lie, I do have lots of stuff, its just finding that starting "kick off point" again. I think Leonie and I were going to "check in" with each other and make sure we did at least one post a week, just to get us back in the swing of things!
I might just attempt one of those "post a day" things.. even though I was pretty unsuccessful with the last one! haha.
Just forgive me, I have been flat out with gigs of late.
Back to back, hard out gigs.
None of this "celebrity gigs" stuff either, where they perform for a good hour and a half (and get paid like a million percent more than we do!!)... NO...

We usually do 3 sets of an hour and a half with a ten minute break in between, and that's pretty full on! haha. A good 55-60 songs a night, twice a weekend! And now that I'm 40yrs old, it takes me until at least Wednesday to recuperate and start to feel normal again.
 I am also sporting permanent "tambourine marks" on my right outer thigh, from all of my ROCKER TAMBOURINE PLAYING!!! hahaha.

In the last few weeks we've played: A fun "pub gig" at the Tavern in Ruakaka A very fun "pub gig" at Maungaturoto Hotel A community gig out in the wop wops of the Far North that was ROCKIN! A very "high energy" gig for a local company of personal trainers, A NZ dentists conference at the Copthorne in Waitangi, A "glammies" ball for the Northland Regional Council, and in the next few weeks we've got School Balls, Prizegivings, Squash club functions..Random Parties... and then we get a little break in September when our drummer goes to the USA. (YAY!).

And in the middle of all those gigs and late nights, I went ahead and got really sick didn't I?  Ended up in hospital, IV antibiotics, bloods, fluids and pain relief.... then I was instantly better ready to go out and do more! :) haha  I wasn't a happy Neetz, I was a bit of a sooky unwell Neetz that's for sure!
So, that's my main excuse I guess for not spending much time here. I am trying to do a bit of reading ... following all you awesome bloggy guys and gals! I do love reading what you've been up to, and creating. See ya around!

40th time lucky??

Hey look..... I think it's finally working again!! I have been trying to post in here for the last couple of weeks and something has been "up" with my blogger... but I think this may be sorted now??? *fingers crossed*