Tuesday, 15 June 2010

....just something I noticed...

I was just having a little squizz through some of my pics....when I saw a similar theme running through a few of the pics... Funny.  Now I know Asher is obsessed with Pirates ..... but Im beginning to think it may be something in the genes...
Seriously I didn't have to hunt for these few pics...they were all just filed under "my pictures"... goodness knows how many more I will find if I actively search! heehee.
Funny thing is..."PIRATES" was our Netball/Rugby club growing up!

My niece Charlize Pirate
A sulky Asher Pirate

Daddy Larkins Pirate

Happy Asher Pirate

And Scary Neetz Pirate.


  1. hahah...just remembered my Mums family are Liddicoats coming from..."Cornwall" (very near Penzance to be precise) and where all the real Pirates hail from. And Warrens Dads family are from Cornwall also.... heehee.

  2. haha - you look like a pretty good looking Pirate Neetz!

    I'm always amazed at the pics I find when I look back through my photos too.

  3. hahaha...someone said I looked like a freaky wild-haired, scary eyed pirate... I think it was my husband...:) So thanks heaps Kristy xx :)

  4. Asher looks awesome as a pirate

  5. You guys make fab pirates! Wicked! Happily about to become a follower ;)

    Rather envious of your 'other life' singing in the band, I've been daydreaming lately about the old days when I used to do the same. Ah, for now I can keep rocking & rolling with my little guy and my few remaining guitar students - maybe one day I'll manage to get back into it :)

  6. Hey Neetz,

    Nice to meet you - and thanks so much for all your encouraging comments!

    Yes, I know Isaac! And our son thinks Zac is an absolute ROCK STAR!! I will pass on your hellos to him!

    Thanks for reading - I look forward to reading your blog too :) The pirate look is a favourite of mine!! haha.

  7. P.S. I love a good covers band!!


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