Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And yes...it's coming soon.....The FemeFresh review!!! ;)

LOL   I haven't forgotten about that... :)

Time's a-flying!

Well, here I am... back in the blogging seat, after over a week of being away from home, and back to my home-town of Kaitaia for the tangi and funeral of my lovely friend Anita. 

For many reasons this week I've thought to myself... "my how time flies". 

Anita and I met through school and in 1988 when we were just teenagers, we were part of a performance group to tour the USA/Hawaii doing our singing, dancing and such.  I was the drummer in the band...with my cool shades and kung-fu shoes hahaah (they were SO in fashion back then!).

My friend Anita Jane Tepania

As I sat with other friends around my friends coffin and looked at her laying there......I thought..."man, how time flies", but even so, at 38..... mate you should still be here!  Unreal, so suddenly taken from us.  So very sad.  Our only comfort at that time, all the crazy fun memories we had together, and the knowledge that she was dancing with her saviour!

Aunty Ceri
Then that weekend, we (my Mums family) had a "rememberance" day for my Aunty Ceri who passed in September.  It was her birthday on the 24th, so after church, we all gathered  at a cafe in Kaitaia, filled almost the entire place, and ordered to our hearts content.  There was conversation going on everywhere, (and this side of my family are known for their noisiness!).  We laughed, ate, remembered.  And it seemed  like a lot had occured since Aunty ceris 50th that time last year.....and now she wasn't here.  Again I thought "my how time flies".

Aunty Ceris Purple coffin :)
Then there's my baby girl.  Kendyl Stevie.  She is turning 2 on Thursday.  Two.... 2 whole years of life with our girl..... whoa, where did that go??  Crazy!!  Another "time flies" moment whenever I thought about her turning 2.  Remembering her being cut from my body.....then not being able to hold her for a while as she struggled for breath.  As she lay un-attached from me in SCBU (special care baby unit), unable to breathe unassisted.  Tubes, needles, incubators.  That all seems so very long ago.  This is the child who had to have milk syringed into her tiny mouth, but who made a very quick come-back and once she latched on and nursed has continued to want to do so even though she's coming up 2!!  ((I can hear the gasp out there in blog-land)).  Perhaps it was because of her "rough start" that I haven't been more forceful about getting her off the boob once and for all!  Oh well, I'm sure she'll stop by the time she leaves home....hahahahah (kidding....just kidding).
My baby xx

And then I get home, sit here in front of my monitor, and see how "time has flown" since I last blogged.... arrghh...
I actually have tons of blogs stored up in my head...getting them here is another thing... :)

Anyway, that's it from me for today. I hope all my bloggy friends had a great Easter remembering the awesome thing that happened many many years ago..... an only son was given in place of our lives... he was pierced, whipped shamed and hung on a cross for us, he died and then he rose again....amazing. Truly amazing!  (oh and the choccy eggs were not bad either!!) ;)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Anniversaries and Love

Yesterday was our 7th Anniversary. 
Together 11yrs...Married 7.
A pregnant bride (gasp) :)
A Taranaki Lad
A Northland Lass
A stress-free low-key very non-expensive do it yerself occasion
eats at home under a lion red marquee, cake cutting in the cluttered shed....who cares ;)
A marriage made in almost heaven! ?(cept for the already preggy bit lol)


We've climed mountains (or hills...) .. taranaki...snowdonia in Wales.... Baldwin St in Dunedin (is it dunedin?? Im getting confused)...
We've been on a catamaran from Greece to Turkey (and then back in a huge electrical storm).
We've watched the horsey business at Badminton (England).
We survived Thailand while the whole SARS episode was happening
We climed up castles in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales......
We've done lots havent we??

Happy Anniversary Baby.
I love you.
Up to the sky and back (and a few orbits round too)
Thanks for your love
Thanks for our babies
Thanks for YOU xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm doing this because I'm the bravest blogger ever! ;)

Okay, so...........I met another blogger...in REAL life...
We became friends. 
She became the Owner/Editor of Kiwi Mummy Blogs and what do you know, she's decided that I could become her Product tester of all things unspeakable/taboo/embarrassing........LOL.

Of course, I would like to think she chose me for this upcoming product because she knew I could handle it in a very grown up manner... I could give my honest opinion of it, in a subjective way....
I would hate to think she chose me for any other reason though.....since the product she would have me test is


And yes I stole your picture Leonie.....it's the least you can do for "pay-backs!!
And despite the lovely "Friend" trying to be discreet, by putting it in a brown inconspicuous paper bag........what does she do?? she shows everyone at the bloggy meet up what product I will be testing... hahaha. ... then posts the pic above in her blog!! ;) With friends like that who needs enemas   enemies!! LOL

So...I now have said product in my hot little hands (or bathroom cupboard actually).  And possibly tomorrow I may start my research project! 
So for those who are genuinely interested in this product, and its possible social benefits, then tune in later! 
(I'm still thinking of an ingenious way of "rating" it... hmmmmm....) well, we'll see! ;)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Im gonna blog soon..... lol

I know its been a while and I need a sticker that says "SLACK BLOGGER" but I have been crazy busy and haven't been near my computer as much as usual....but Im making a comeback this week... :)
If I take too long...send me a reminder ;)

Friday, 1 April 2011

32 "Followers"

I've seen a few posts lately in regards to "followers"....and all I have to say is I've been stuck on 32 followers for like....well forever now.... what's a girl gotta do around here to get some more followers??  Flash?? Tapdance?? Mud wrestle?? LOL..
((Im just kidding))..
And if you're one of my awesomely cool fantastic brilliant gorgeous 32 followers.....then I salute you and say.... "Thanks for following my blog...I appreciate it!!"

Being Positive.....a bit of a "deep" post for me...

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person.  I usually tend to see the bright side of things, or the way to make a bleak situation better, but I have really been challenged, and felt a check in my spirit about the way I see my little daughter Kendyl. 

She has always been so very different to our Asher....testing boundaries...temperamental....full of "spirit"...well, to sum it all up "a handful".

Is it a daughter thing?  Is it a "youngest child" syndrome thing??  Seriously we never had tantrums with Asher, but Kendyl has mastered this already and she's not even 2 yet!
She's the kind of child you can't "just chill" with. You are constantly having to look over your shoulder...for a number of reasons....
......she could get hurt
......she could hurt someone else
......she might destroy something...
......She may decide to escape!!

As a result of this...I find I am constantly on her case.  "Stop that"..."Don't"...."No..naughty"... "Hands off" ... "Come on...Nice hands"... etc.

Now please don't get me wrong, I love my baby girl with all of my heart and soul and am thankful for her.  I have absolutely no bonding issues with her, infact, we are bonded too well, as she still loves to have boobies when she can ((gasp and she's going to be 2 at the end of April!!)).  She can make my heart melt with one of her cheeky chuckles, or funny sentences....she makes me laugh a lot.....but she can also be so testing when she wants!!

But today, I really felt a conviction in my heart about the way I see her....the way I say not so nice things about her...for example:  People often stop us to comment on her eyes...or her hair (which she has masses of)...  strangers in the street or in shops etc stop us to say...."oh what a cutie" or "your baby is so gorgeous" to which I reply..."Well don't let those looks fool you....she's a (insert one of the following)..  ratbag/little madam/brat/full on little menace   and so on and so forth. 
Now even though its said in a half joking manner, I have realised that these words I have spoken over her time and time again are really sinking in and making me see her in that way.  In a tainted light I guess. 
A lovely friend pointed out to me today some really positive things about my Kendyl, and also my big boy, and also encouraged me on my mothering... and for the first time in a long while, I really believed it (particularly the bit about my little girl).  Yes, she is just a "normal" 2yr old bub testing out her limits...she is full on and confident, and is learning to stand up for herself.. Yes she is a bit of a cutie and when people compliment her, I should thank them instead of coming up with a "line" about her...

I hope this lovely friend doesn't mind that I'm going to share her message with others....but it was so encouraging to me that I bawled and felt really awesome after reading it... Here's what she wrote:

ChloĆ« ******  31 March at 20:29 Report

Had another thing to say - coz you know - I always have something to say LOL

I have had random people talk to me about how lovely your kids are. Both of them. They are extremely lovely children. Not only very very cute but really lovely natured too. Gentle and kind and mindful of other people. Really really awesome kiddos.

I kid you not. Random people. And I quote:

"That Asher Bassett is such a sweet boy. Just such a nice kid, you know?" from a mother of someone else in your boys class at school
"Kendyl is the sweetest child ever. I just want to steal her, she is so lovely" Another Playcentre Mum

They are a credit to your great parenting. Really. And I think sometimes its nice to hear something good about our kids. We all think so much about the things we need to work on that its easy to forget all the things we have done right.

I see your mothering and I just think you are fantastic. Right back to the first day I met you at Playcentre and you were playing a game with your Asher and you were his wife ♥ I remember thinking - what a cool Mum!

How nice to have such cool/awesome and encouraging friends huh?

Just made my day.

I am making an effort now....to focus on the positive....to parent with love and understanding ... and to enjoy my blessings!