Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dad and his Mokos...

okay just to clarify for any "out of New Zealand" readers:

"Moko":  a Maori (NZ indigenous culture) word for Grandchildren.

Now most of you know that early December my beautiful precious Dad died (and that I've been talking non stop about it...trying to let it sink in still...).
My Dad LOVED his grandchildren (and they him).  And I wanted to just upload some pictures of Dad and his Grandies...

We love you Dad, We miss you....your Grandbabies Miss you terribly

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sometimes a messy house is better.

Some days we race around, taking the kids here and there.

We clean and clean the house to make it look good, and tell the kids "hang on" when they keep on asking if we can sit with them... read to them... spend some time with them.

Our kids deserve our time and our attention.  Our kids deserve some proper "face time" with us, not "back time" as we dutifully clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the lounge. 

They need us to sit with them and laugh with them.... tumble with them.... giggle and cuddle with them.  They need time with us ... even if it's just sitting gritting our teeth through Dora the explorer!

Our kids want our time.  Our kids want time with us.

I've noticed that mine misbehave most when Im not spending enough time with them.  When I'm busy learning new songs for the band, or trying to get the house tidy cos someone's coming around.
When I give them a bit of my time, the behaviour improves, and actually I have more time to do what I needed to!  Funny how that works.

I need to keep reminding myself to stop for a while.  To live with a dusty floor.  To leave the washing pile until tomorrow.  If other people find that offensive or "lazy" then that's just too bad!!

I want to make a conscious effort to put my kids before the dishes/vacuuming/laundry/cleaning.

Take care all...


Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Had a good ol' laugh last night when I was looking for some pics.... (for something totally different).  I noticed I had a lot of "selfies" ... pics that I have taken of me and my special people :)  I've got a few below, but believe me.... there are oodles and oodles more... what a funny thing.  The funniest thing about "selfies" is that usually they are the most random angled/focused kinds of pics, but I love them... the spontaneous nature of them and all.

Share some of your selfies with us, I'd love to see!!

In these are:  My niece Faith,  My mums bro Uncle Wayne, My dog Sarge, Mum and I (the day after Dads funeral), My cousin Renee, My cousin Shar.

My cousin Charles (Dads namesake) who was over for Dads funeral and stayed for my 40th xx,  My niece Faith again, My niece Bobbi, My brother, My niece Charlize (another namesake of Dads), My nephew Taikaha.

My Mums sister Aunty Di, My cuzzy Charlotte, Mums bro Uncle Gary, Mums bro Uncle Ron, Cuzzy Hana, Mum biting me,

And... me and my Mummy, Me and my Darling Warren, ... middle 2 pics me and my Precious Daddy ((RIP)) xxx, bottom... Me and hubby, and me and cuz/god daughter Cally.

Great memories.

xx  Neetz xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Super Simoney Sunday

Well Helllllooooo there friends :)  How do you like my new look blog?  Isn't it great, totally "me"!? 

I won this "bloggy makeover" by the most talented wonderful fellow-blogger Simone from Greatfun4kids .  She is super amazing with stuff like this, and writing, and blogging, and Mummying... :)  So go check out her blog and send her some love.  (most of you know her anyway).  She's got 655 followers!!  (check me out I only have 51)... that alone shows how COOL she is!!

I have never met Simone in person, but we've been in touch on a few occasions.  Once we NEARLY caught up in Auckland for a coffee when I was down visiting my Dad, however things went  a little pearshaped, and it never eventuated...........but it will, it really will happen soon :)

So, a huge thanks from me Simone for all the work and effort you've put in to get my blog looking pretty cool, and homely for me.  I really appreciate what you've done!  You're GREAT!.

Lots of hugs,

Neetz x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

.... "I'll be back"

Watch this space...
Im coming back baby..
New look blog courtesy of  Simone :)
New name
Regular posts <3
heck even I won't know me.......