Monday, 30 May 2011

My boy

I found some old pictures on our old laptop tonight, and I loved these few that we took a few years back.
My boy, Asher Gene.
Man, how time flies......we have to make the most of our days, our kids grow up and soon they'll be making their own way in the world!
Ahh..memories xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Things I'm Lovin'

Linking in with PJ !

Daddy and daughter time

Happy speedy dog

My big boy and his catch (crab)

Learning patience at an early age!

I'm still alive! ;)

Hi everyone!  Bet you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth didn't you?  Well, at times I kinda wish I had, I've had so many bits and pieces to think about over the last few weeks, but guess what??? I think it's just about settled down...  (I know, don't talk too soon!!). 

Anyway I'm here, and I thought instead of toiling too much about what I'm gonna blog about, I would just write.......something......anything... just to prove I'm still here!

I have been trying to visit blogs and leave comments ((when blogger will allow!)). 

I was talking to another blogger the other day about how we have so many topics/stories/blogs to share, but sometimes you sit down to get that here....and into cyberspace, and for some reason, it just doesn't happen.  I guess I think too much about "which topic Im going to discuss today"  when in actual fact I should just do it.  Whether or not someone actually reads it is not the point...the point is, I would have DONE it...instead of just sitting here thinking about it! lol

Talk to ya soon xxx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ive been busy again

Yes... I have been absent again....

Limited time on the Bassett front...due to:

~ recording music videos
~ meetings most nights of the week (not AA or NA or anything so bad!!)
~ band stuff
~ organising overseas travel
~ helping a friend with fundraising
~ taking on website maintenance for kids soccer group
~ Playcentre
~ Mainly Music
~ Church
~ Birthday parties
~ helping friends with their kids birthday invites etc
~ Sons school stuff
~ Trying to keep in touch with "real life" friends

Arrggh.. not enough hours in the day!! ;)

The crew on filming day :)


Birthday girl

One of the sets for filming the music video "curveball"
Be back soon xxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Fantastic Fem Freshness......A review!

Sure...I said I'd help out with reviewing some products. 
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be having to try out, and then review PUBLICLY a feminine hygiene product, whose mere name conjures up all sorts of images (and senses!!). 
But, agree to it I did...(especially since everyone else quickly declined).

So, I recieved "said product" discreetly enclosed in a "brown paper bag"  Everyone knows that brown paper bags attract nosey inquisitive people immediately, so this was quickly hidden away until I could get it home!

In the bag was one bottle of "wash" and one packet of "wipes". 
The wipes are very discreet and can be hidden away in your handbag or pocket even should they be needed. 

The wash is slightly scented, and not too bad at all.  It lathers quite well and on more than one occasion, I even ended up shaving my armpits and legs with the stuff!! (see, multi-use, not just for the nether regions!!)...

I'm not totally sure how "effective" the product has been as I had no "before" and "after" measurement, unfortunately everyone I asked to measure the effectiveness of the product basically told me to get lost!! lol 
I did on one occasion get asked "what's that lovely scent you're wearing" to which I thought of many many answers......but just smirked and said.. "oh must just be my Dolce Vita perfume", however knowing myself that I'd just used FemFresh, I couldn't resist a little inner chuckle to myself ;)  Who knows...perhaps it may have contributed to my "lovely scent" LOL.

There is such a stigma attached to this product though, it's quite a funny turns people into blushing messes!! 
I thought just for fun, I would take the FemFresh wipes out to the location where we were filming a music video clip on the weekend.  I thought it would be a great idea as there would be lots of guys/girls working in close proximity, and even though we all needed to be "fresh" since we had several changes of wardrobe, and then would be filmed together right in each others personal spaces, when I asked who would like to try my FemFresh wipes..... everyone looked horrified and absolutely nobody agreed to try them out!! (have to admit there were a couple of guys that I was tempted to try them on their armpits!!) heehee.
So...unfortunately, they went "untested" on the group.

I had broached the possibility of trying the FemFresh on our goats, however, I thought I better not, as they cannot consent fully and in this day and age, I'm sure I would have been breaching some animal rights law or whatever!!

were these easy to use?? Yes indeed. 
Were they nice to use??  Yes they weren't bad, but to be totally honest, it was just like using baby wipes.
Did I notice any "change"? not really, though there were no real measurements taken to see if there was a change due to the use of FemFresh.
Did I find the product embarrassing etc?  I was going to answer NO...especially since I did take them and offer them to the group last Sunday, however, I remember when we got unexpected guests around, and halfway through the evening, I remembered the FemFresh was sitting on the end of the bathtub, so I hastily made a dash for the bathroom and ensured the FemFresh was quickly put out of sight in the very back of the bathroom drawer. So I guess, yes to a degree, it was embarrassing to be using FemFresh.  I guess it implies that perhaps you need it as you have a problem in that area??? hahaha.
Would I use it again? Perhaps I would if it was given free....but if I had to purchase it, then no probably not.
And just to put it out there..... theres quite a bit left over....if anyone else is keen or wants to try it!!! :)  Confidentially of course!! ;)