Saturday, 4 October 2014

Song of the week

This week I have been thrashing Audioslave's "Like a Stone" as I'm playing bass on it at a gig in a couple of weeks.  It's really growing on me and I find myself humming it lots lately.  I used to love playing bass, and so getting to swap around in the band is great fun and a refreshing change.  It's really simple to play too, so that's good... :)

So here it is, my song of the week...

 Like a Stone


Monday, 29 September 2014

Holiday laziness

Hubby's at work.
Asher's at Camp.
Kendyl and I slept in.
We snuggled and talked and fell back to sleep.
LAZILY... we got up about 9.30.
When we got up we made Red, Green and Black playdough, and created lots of crazy Playdough creations with The Killers playing in the background really loudly!
At 10.30 we decided we'd have Brunch, since we were hungry and hadn't had breakfast.
Easily and simply we had mouse-traps
and Iced water with lemon slices......

............While watching Victorious.... (Yawn) lol. 
We are going to PJ it all day today!
We had been planning to go to the Library, but the weather is pooh!  Tomorrow we will venture in to the Library as they have crafty goodness going on there Tues to Thurs!
I hope my big boy is enjoying Camp,and hopefully this weather hasn't stretched right to Marsden Bay!


What are you doing for the first day of school holidays??


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Our Overseas adventure is upon us!

Hi all. 

Well I figured, I had best get started as in 2 sleeps, we will finally be on our way overseas. 

We have been packing and repacking, and cleaning the house all spic and span for our housesitter who gets here tomorrow! 

We are so excited about this trip.  After my Dad died (Dec 2012), we (well Hubby really) decided that we had been through so many deaths over the previous few years... friends and loved ones.  We needed to get away, and he invited my Mum to come too!   So, the last year and a bit, we have been gearing up for this. 

We've got our bits and pieces, passports ready..................speaking of passports... a friend of mine sent us this lovely pressie in the mail.........

Pretty cool aye?  Any guesses who made the cool Kiwiana passport holder??
It was..................
The very lovely and talented Leonie Grigsby :)
(Thanks for that my friend xx)
And on top of that I won Kristy's softie giveaway.... so here she is (I thought she was a boy, but have been told by my 5yr old that it is in fact a girl bunny...even though it's blue!).
So here's "Keisha" (named by Kendyl)... she also has her bags packed as she is going to come on holiday with us, and see the sights!

Thanks for the bunny (with skinny legs) Kristy ... she is going to be well loved as the kids think she's beautiful!
We have a bit of HongKong/USA/English cash on us, as well as cash passport cards, and Waz still has his bank account open in England, so we are ready for some spending!!
Excited... I'm really excited now!!
Have been for the last week I think!

I will try and blog as often as I can ... perhaps most evenings as a kind of update/journal, I figure it will be great to look back on later when it's all over and done with!
Anyway... off I go to recheck my baggage .... (again).

Monday, 7 April 2014

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hey how are you doing?  I hope everyone's well, and keeping on keeping on while I have been absent from the bloggy world.

I'm hoping to get up to date on some of your stories and posts... and see how life's been treating you. 

I've been crazy busy of late, but am all excited and on the countdown to our family holiday to HongKong, the UK, and Disneyland (LA).  26 days before we board the plane and get away for a bit!  I was going to keep a handwritten journal/diary, however, I think I will just use this blog as my travel blog, might be a lot easier!

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled... I'm back (I think)... haha I have actually missed being here and part of this little environment!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scones for lunch

We're packing our bags again, getting ready to go up North, where Kendyl will have her adenotonsillectomy tomorrow.  The only thing she's really worried about is the fact that she is not allowed to eat anything from Midnight.... anyone who knows this child of mine knows she has an appetite like a wolf!  She's even asking how long once she wakes up can she eat... hahaha.

So anyway, she decided that she'd like some scones for lunch today.  With Jam and Butter, and perhaps a scone with maple syrup too. 

She was very helpful stirring and mixing the scones up, and finally we had some lovely golden scones ready for eating!
Great job Kendyl.
They tasted great, and our plates were empty pretty fast!

Have a great day xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My big baby Girl.

 My baby girl has, for the last year and a half been absolutely obsessed with getting her ears pierced.  She's just 4yrs old, but had been assuring me that she was well old enough to get them done, and to care for them, and that she'd be so very very brave.

So while we were holidaying in Kaitaia,, we booked in a visit to the local pharmacy.
And we got them done!

I offered to hold her hands but she said "I can do this Mummy".  Then proudly she counted down...3, 2, 1... and after the initial shock, tears filled her eyes, but she kept quiet enough...

She totally forgot about the pain when someone thrust a mirror in her face and she could check out the earrings (she'd picked) now pierced through her lobes.

We've only had one drama the next day when, in a hurry she ripped her clothes over her head so she could go swimming...and pulled one out.  But that was rectified with a bit of ice and another little push through.  Now 2 weeks on, and she's fine, no infections nothing.
Her next mission is going to be getting her huge Tonsils and Adenoids surgically removed on the 5th of February.  She said to me... "I'm going to be so brave, and cant wait to have my smelly tonsils OUT".  So fingers crossed and lots of prayers for that and a speedy recovery afterwards!!

You're still here!?

Wow, what can I say, thanks a heap for still "following".  I expected to log in today with only 3 or 4 left following me, not that I'd blame you hehe.  Im a shocker of a blogger aren't I?   I am however hoping to get settled in a little corner of my window seat sometime this afternoon and do a whole heap of blog-reading and commenting, so prepare for that!

I've had a nice few weeks offline (ish), partly by choice, but mostly because of the crappy limited connection I had in Kaitaia with my little mobile USB thingamajig.

How have you been anyway?  I hope that Christmas was a lovely time of "togetherness" with those you love (or have to be around) haha..  And that New years was a fun celebration! 

I have so many things/stories/pictures to share, so hopefully I'll see a few of you around in the blogosphere.