Friday, 18 June 2010

Thumpin' Thursday :)

It's 11.48pm and I've just got home from an awesome Band practice.  Only problem is my ears are still thumping, and Im feeling a little  We've had a new guitarist now for a few weeks and he's fitted in really amazingly.  We're all totally amped for our next gig...roll on the weekend ... I'll try and get some pics taken.

Since Matt's taken Marks place in Kurfew, we've already learnt about 6 new songs that have been added into the setlists, and we have a whole heap more we're going to gradually add in.....exciting stuff.

Last weekends gig went really well. We didn't have an enormous crowd, but it was a great night.  The sound was awesome thanks to Eli from Rockshop for coming and doing sound for us...was just a great upbeat night.

Anyway...thats all I'm writing for Thumpin thursday.... :) thought I had better write something since it's been a few days since my last confession  I mean "blog" lol

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