Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thinking of Christchurch

Watching the news at the moment is awful....especially since I'm still waiting to hear from a good friend who lives in Christchurch but who is still unaccounted for........

We wait, We pray, We hope like heck that our loved ones will be safe somewhere and will make contact soon.

Our LOVE to you Christchurch

Oh man...where to start.
The chaos, the devastation.
The lives lost, now confirmed 65, and rising.

It is so hard to fathom the scenes of destruction we've been witnessing on the TV today.

It took me a while to comprehend, as I had been running around all day busily, not listening to the news, not seeing what was going on. When I finally got in at 4pm my heart just sunk to see what had been going on!

Unfortunately it was just like watching TV the day that Pike river mine blew up....another national day of grief, and not that long ago.

I cried as I watched it all...heard the tales of those people going about their daily chores.

Imagine doing your normal daily things, and  a huge destructive earthquake happening, while your children were at school, your husband at work, your parents out and about in town.  GUT WRENCHING!

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone from Christchurch, or with those who have loved ones in the city.

We've heard from most of our friends/family just waiting on a couple more now...............xxxx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Yayy. Thanks Tracy for the Blog Award :)

Well...YAY... someone loved me enough to give me a "Love Blog" award!  That Awesome someone is no other than the lovely Tracy.  If she had not already sent me this, then she would definately be on my list of people to send it to.  Feel free to go and read her blog HERE...  I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy last week, at our Whangarei Bloggers Meet Up and I hope to catch up again in person very soon!
Thanks lots Tracy, I feel honoured!! ;)

These are the rules of me accepting this award ...
1) You have been tagged, do you want to accept? YES! then create a post on your blog and post the love blog photo.
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you accept.

3) Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag, link these in your post too and tell the lucky people they have been tagged.

As the aim of this award is to bring unknown good blogs to light, please don't tag somebody with 3000 followers.

The people I would like to pass this award onto are:

Jane (Real awesome woman who I nursed with, and now who I keep in touch with via facebook/blogger and occasionally have the pleasure of bumping into :)
Becky (who is an awesome Whangarei chick I used to go to church with)
Lisa (whose hubby I used to go to church with .. oh and school, and though I've never met her, feel I have)
Taylor Made (another Bassett chick met through blogger... who resides in Aussie)
Elizabeth (Who I also met at the Whangarei bloggers meet up, and whose blog Im loving!)

So, go check them out and enjoy their posts :)
Luv Neetz xx

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Will blog about this later...... after my gig tonight :)
Have a great rest of the weekend y'all xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thank heavens for Playcentre!

Kendyl LOVES Playcentre.
We cannot drop Asher off to school without her begging to go (as it's right next door).

I am so glad that Playcentre has started back.
Dough to squish AT PLAYCENTRE
Paint to ...well "Paint"...AT PLAYCENTRE

She's missed doing all the messy stuff as I've been avoiding these things at home and waiting til Playcentre was back!! Yeehaaa.

Most of all I love how at the end of Playcentre, she's so tired out that she crashes out in the carseat on the way home afterwards, and then I easily transfer her into bed..........while I enjoy some peace and quiet and she has an awesome sleep!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blogging Mummies Meet @ Mondo's

Wow... I'm still amped about meeting up with seven other local "bloggy Mums" today... What a buzz!

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Jackie organised a Whangarei meet up for all of us Mummies who love to blog.  I was so glad I made the effort to attend, as I had a couple of other things "pencilled" in, but decided that could just wait, I was going to meet with some like-minded Mums, and connect in person...not just via the net. Now I already knew 2 of the crew - Jackie and Kristy, but had only heard of some of the others in blog-land, so it was gonna be exciting!

...And exciting it was! 

Out came the cameras...some of us *ahem* were a little lacking in that department and watching on with tremendous camera envy!!  I had actually planned on bringing along the Nikon D70 with 18-200mm lens, however I thought that might be a bit "over the top"... however my choice of little Sony cybershot left a lot to be desired among my new found bloggy friends.... who were whipping out their big beastie cams left right and centre.  The only comfort for me was that Elizabeths camera seemed relatively compact like my own, and Tracys...well Tracys was completely invisible......?? new technology perhaps?? lol

I love in one of the many pics taken (one of Kristys I think), we all have our cameras aimed and at the ready, and Tracy is actually poised...holding her "air cam" hahahahah it's awesome!!

Kristy and Elizabeth with cameras at the ready
Leonie having a laugh.... she has the most contagious laugh, it's great!
(Tracy in the background checking up on the children!)
My little Kendyl crouched in the rocks
Photo opportunity :)
The gorgeous girlies
The Cool kiddies playing well together.
A bunch of noisy bikers who came to check us out.. heehee.
This chick just started work here today, and we nabbed her, getting us to take loads of pics, and she was so worried that she was going to get in trouble for taking so long, and possibly fired...hahaha. Poor thing
One day when she's stuck at home blogging with several children in tow...she'll understand how important days like this are!! haha.
Oh...Kendyl keeping me busy (again) when she ran away from us and I let her go...only to find that when I did chase her, she'd run past 2 police officers who were looking me up and down like I was a bad mother!! hahaha.

My wayward daughter who we're going to marry off to one of Jackies sons!! ;)

Back to the banter :)

It was great to meet you all...and your gorgeous offspring :) 
 It was nice to hang with some women who "just know" what it's like...Mummyhood, the net connections, photo opportunities. 
It's cool to just be yourself, laugh, have 4 different conversations going at once and be able to chop and change from each one as you feel. 
It's cool to see that Im not the only one who spills my hot drinks (no...not naming you ...yet!).... 
It was funny seeing that guy walk past our group with a camera, and wondering if he was a "blogging Daddy"...haha..he probably wondered why we all cracked up after he'd walked past! 
It was good to see what PaisleyJade keeps in her secret packages in her bag.... ;)  haha (thanks Kendyl!).
It was NOT cool that the sun was so darn hot causing my glasses to fog up all the time, nor having to continually chase my daughter up and down the basin!!

Extra "cool" bonus was when Cassandra (Lisas lovely sister) turned up and I just KNEW I knew her from somewhere...(blog land of course), and she came and hung with us for a while, and to even top that... double extra cool bonus (if there ever was such a thing!)... was getting to chat to Lisa too... like she was right there with us... :) Coolness!!

Then, for me  it was time to head off, as Miss nearly 2 had just had enough and was ready for lunch!

It was such a trip meeting you all (I know I've said it lots before, but it so was!!).  It wasn't like meeting someone new with lots of awkwardness etc, it was just cruisey, and fun, just how it should be!

I look forward to lots more catch ups and laughs with you all  be it via the net or in person!
Until then, take care
xx Neetz (Juanita) xx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful Beachy Day

          It was "Anniversary" weekend here in Northland last weekend... so we got Monday off to do fun family stuff!  Warren and I rounded up the kiddies, packed all sorts of bits and pieces and headed off for a fishing/fun trip out to the beach right next to the refinery out at Ruakaka. 

The weather was brilliant, it was a bit windy and we'd get the occasional sting from fast blowing sand...which resulted in Kendyl yelling..."oooh bee  ohh bees" it had us all in fits of laughter.

Anyway we swam, we ate, we bathed in the lovely sun (and for some reason MUMMY was the only one who forgot to put the sunscreen is "ouchy" now......and yes Maoris DO get sunburnt thank you very much!!!).

We made a huge "mound" which was supposed to be some sort of weird sandcastle. 

We fished...Warren actually did most of the work baiting up his and Ashers rods and casting them out....but when Ashers rod managed to snag a decent sized snapper, ohhh Asher was getting the glory!!!
When we pulled in the fish, we had American tourists coming to watch the action, and taking the pictures also, they were almost as excited as we were!!  It was funny.

Satisfied with our catch, and after being at the beach for a good 4 hours, we decided to pack up and head home.

Back home Daddy cleaned out the car while the kids swam in the pool, and Mummy filletted the snapper, then made up a yummy beer batter, and put on some frozen fries, and we enjoyed the yummiest, fresh delicious fish, chips, salad and aioli (for those of you who are wondering.... we love aioli with anything!! beats tartare sauce anyday!!). 

What a perfect way to end an awesome family day together!