Friday, 28 May 2010

The Band

So, Im in a band
A 4 piece Rock covers project... (Vocals, Bass..not just any bass aye Kyle...((either a 6string or 8 string option!)), Drums, Guitar....we call ourselves KURFEW.

We've had great fun over the last few years, gigging, doing some mighty awesome big gigs here and there, but lately (because the venues around Whangarei are tight and penniless) the good payers are getting rather hard to find.  Everyone's pleading poverty! 

Anyway our freakishly fabulous guitarist has developed severe Carpal tunnel syndrome.  We noticed in our last few gigs that by the end of the sets he was struggling a little and complaining of numbness in his fingers etc.....and that was the problem, stinkin blimmen Carpal tunnel!  Because of this he needs at least 6 weeks rest (no guitaring at all)...then some physio, then possibly some surgery etc.... and so he's opted to leave us so that he's not holding us back. 

Man we've done some great gigs together.  He's just "smokin"... and having him with me on stage (and the others of course), always made me feel so much more confident...knowing that his sheer talent would impress and keep the crowd gasping! 

Suddenly I'm frightened about our next gig.  Don't get me wrong, we have a guy filling in for us who is also pretty great...but it's not the same.  I hate it when we lose someone.. I mean I should be used to it now, there have been so many changes, but each time it happens is a bit of a scary thing. 
When you have your band, you know each other...where you're going...what we're put your trust your faith in them.  It's really scary suddenly having someone else in that gap that you have to learn to work with...relate to. 

I know Im just being a big sook, but I am really scared.  AND...I know Im gonna miss MarkyMark a lot too.  We've been emailing back and saying..."I can't do it...I'm gonna miss you too much...I feel scared..."  and he's been saying "You can do it...You're great...Chin up...I believe in you...."'s just not the same!

We have a music practice tonight with the new guitarist, so will see how that goes (only our second so far)... hopefully he has got more of our setlist of songs sussed out and is almost ready to go....

hopefully I will come home tonight feeling much better about it all, and even excited about the "new direction" Kurfew may take.
Until then, I will remember fondly.....

All the Best Mark....We'll really miss ya xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Catch up

Well, I have been rather "caught up" in daily goings on lately so haven't really had a chance to sit down and blog.  I had all these "drafts" written up..or half written, which I have decided to delete ...and I will just carry on like I never missed a day...heehee. :)

**These pics were taken 7 years ago to the day...hour in fact!! in Nottingham on Warren's birthday** of my very best friends is now living back in the country...FINALLY!  And we seem to be forever missing each other.  She has phoned me on many occasions since they've been back, but always when I'm out, so leaves a message...never leaving her phone number!  Now this would be okay if she were LISTED in the whitepages, but oh no she's not.  I do however have her sisters on my facebook, so finally finally after a number of months, I have a phone number for her courtesy of her little sis Dom...((Thanks by the way Dom!))

I dropped Master5 off to school this morning, came home, stoked up the fire, tidied up and then set about phoning Debs for our "catch up".  Now a catch up between Debs and I is never a "quick" thing.  Those who know me know how much I loathe loathe LOATHE long lengthy phone calls.... always have, can't help it.  But with my friend, Imake an allowance. 
We had our call.........and an hour 20 later I thought I should go and put Miss 1 in her cot since she'd climbed off my lap onto the ground and had fallen asleep...all without me being aware of it!!!  Man oh man, where does the time go when you're enjoying great company!? 
My other question did she manage lengthy phone calls with a newborn and a preschooler (and 2 at school)?? She's super multitasking woman that's for sure!!

I haven't seen Deb for ages.  We did our nursing training together back in the early 90s (geez that sounds forever ago)  went to the same church... did the same stuff. :) 
When Warren and I were in the UK in 2003 we went and stayed in Nottingham with Debbie and John and they just had Levi then.  We had some great fun and laughs with them.  That was the first time Warren had got to meet them and he felt very "at home" with them.  He even taught Debs how to "burp" Levi properly!! hahaha.

So since then we caught up very briefly on the odd occasion when they have been in Whangarei, 2 or 3 times.  But NOW....they are living in New Zealand again, and we can resume our visitations!! :) heehee.
Can't wait to see their new bub Abigail, she sounds pretty scrummy...and also to see the other 3 boys.... Crazy how we've gone from single girls to married Mummys.... (her with double the amount of kids to myself)...
Can't wait to catch

The Old days....

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wonderfully wet Wednesday

I'm a bit late in posting this ... since I started it on Wed and now  it's Friday today and Im on the "catch up"  !

My big boy went back to school today after having his tonsils and adenoids out a couple of Fridays ago. 
It's funny because as much as I couldn't wait for him to get back to school, I didn't really want him to go back so soon.....yet he was the one who desperately wanted to get back and see his friends and  what he was missin out on. 
So...we rushed to get ready, as I had not been as organised as usual, and had left the lunch-making until about 3 mins before we were due out of the door..(out of routine...I'll use that as an excuse!).

Ash jumps in, belts himself in... I "shove" kendyl into her car seat...strap her in....Get in and strap myself in,
Turn the key.................................................nothing
I try again.....................................................still nothing
Awww great...flat battery, and we only have a limited time to make it to school before the bell goes. Plus it's assembly day today so if you're late, it means walking in when everyone else is already there...."shame!".

So, I have to run in the rain, open hubbys garage, gt on the ride-on lawnmower, wedge it between the picnic table and my car...attach juimperleads, jumpstart the car...unattach leads...put mower back in the shed...close shed, run back to car.....and then I am soaked through!  arrgghh..

So.....Asher gets to school late.....and Kendyl and I go to Playcentre (which is right next door to Ashers' school), Me, uncomfortably wet through.  This makes for a "YUCK" Playcentre day!
When the sun did finally come out...there was steam coming off me as I sat in the sandpit with a bunch of kids!  I was literally...."Steaming" :)

So, that was my Wednesday.  I was glad to get home from Playcentre, put Kendyl down for a sleep and relaxed in a gorgeous HOT bubbly bath with the music on!! :))  Pure BLLIISSS! :)

The cool thing about today was that the Persimmon stand was open!! Woohoo!  I had to stop and get 2 bags of them....delicious!

A Perfect Pikelet Picnic.

The weather was gorgeous today.  Asher decided that it would be a great idea for Mum to cook some pikelets so we could all have a picnic lunch on the deck. we did.......

A rather simple affair
Just the pikelets
some butter and sprinkles
golden syrup
Peanut butter
2 kids, a Mummy and a hungry black cat

On the deck
In the sunshine

mmmmmmmm...Asher thinks it's great!

Kendyl's in Hands, feet and all!!
(Lovin' those Hundreds and thousands!)

And soon all that's left is a messy tablecloth

Then it's off into the garden for a play

Asher didn't want his picture taken thanks very Mummy went overboard taking some of Kendyl.
The result... a bit of a Kendyl Collage :)

Who else enjoyed the sunshine and their wonderful children today??

Monday, 17 May 2010

Manic Monday Musings

Well, Monday's blown in again, and what a chaotic day we're having in Kara Road! Asher's still home following his adenotonsillectomy the Friday before last. He will probably be back in a couple of days... he's nearly managing a day with only minimal pain relief now.

Anyway we all got up when hubby went to work, had breakfast, and then decided we were gonna do a full-on blob! :) heehee doesn't take much for me to agree to lax out with Ash, in my slippers and PJ's. The house was extra toasty warm as my darling had stoked up the fire before trudging out the door..Thanks honey!

We watched Open season for what must be the 12th be honest, I didn't watch it, I began reading the Lee Child book that Mum had left at my place, and just laughed in the appropriate places to give my son the feeling that I was in this with him...heehee. When it finished I thought I had better do some usual mundane house laundry which was on backload thanks to a neighbourhood fire that was going hard out all of yesterday. Thankfully Kendyl decided to snuggle into my chest and drop off to sleep for the duration of the movie, which meant no interruptions to our "blob out".

I cleaned and tidied the house before lunch, it was seriously nice and spotless.....then by the time we'd had lunch the house looked like the tasmanian devil had passed through it in one of those furious speedy frenzies. Two heck of a mess. The most of the mess made by Miss just-turned-one! ARRRGGHH.. Somedays you wonder why you bother!
So, I just left it like that until now, and Im trying to get motivated by sitting here blogging about it.
Anyone wanna come round and help??
What's your Monday been like?? I bet you have spotless houses!!

Our Tree

We’ve got a tree in our front garden that has our initials carved into it. I know it’s silly, but I love it when I drive home after being out and about….and park in front of our tree… and see our initials there, together, permanently engraved. It makes me feel a warm fuzzy “belonging” feeling, and it makes me smile.

Our family/whanau…together forever :)