Saturday, 21 November 2009

Here are some more "random" pics by Asher...

Photos by Asher

I find it really interesting when I go back and look over all the photos Asher has taken.....I look at them and they seem...well..."pointless"...I don't mean that in a mean way etc.. They don't mean anything to me, they just "are". I never say anything negative about them or anything, we plug the camera in, or look at the pics on the computer and I'll say "Cool pics, tell me about them honey".... and as he tells me what it is about this or that picture, it all sinks in, it all makes sense. He sees things that I do not, or have chosen not to, and I love that. The funny thing is that once he has explained to me, I see "anew" through different eyes, and much had I been missing????
~An example are the 2 pics I've added here...the one of his feet he said... "Im lucky to have feet that work aye Mum? Papa is in a wheelchair, his feet don't work. Do you think his feet looked like mine when he was a little boy?" ....made me think????
And the pic of the clouds he said he took because he would take it to his dog's grave, to remind him what the sky looked like "out here"....
both these examples I thought were so cool!!!

How many times do we look at other people... or situations and think they're pointless etc?? How would those same people look if we looked at them through different eyes?? ..............Through God's eyes??

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ahhh..a day at home... nice to have a day at home, not rushing, just chilling out, going with the appointments, no "places to be"....

Sitting out on the deck on the old cobweb covered bench seat...just my baby and I ... listening to the multitudes of birds sitting in our hedge....the cat watching too!!

blobbing :) heehee..nice way to spend a day!

Monday, 2 November 2009

A walk to the Letterbox...... my little man woke up with yucky tonsils yet again, and since he was feeling blah I let him stay home. (secretly I love it when he stays home and I get to snuggle with him, and I think Kendyl loves seeing more of him too). Now the usual "sick day rule" is "If you're sick, you are either confined to your bed or to the couch (within reason of course). His usual choice is the couch as it gives him a bit more interaction and if he chooses to stay curled up in bed then I know hes feeling real dreadful. Well he stayed on the couch til lunchtime and then made a pretty miraculous recovery stating "I really think I need a walk to get some fresh air" so off we headed for a refreshing walk to the letterbox. I grabbed the camera as I wanted to try Warren's new lens out.

This is our walk to the letterbox, in pictures.. lol (featuring in some, the "almost complete" fort that Daddy is building for Asher.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Saturday's fun time

Yesterday was Maungatapere School's Agriculture day. A first for our family as Asher only started school there in August, and it was a great day, and thankfully the sun was lovely and stayed all day long! We had a fair bit of fun in the lead up to yesterday, with making Vege animal creations, Giant gingerbread men, vaseline petal plate thingames, and Flower arrangements. But Warren had the biggest task. He decided to enter the "Dad's cake bake competition", which for some dad's wouldnt be too much of a deal, but Warren generally doesn't bake....he cooks...extremely well, but baking...he just doesnt do. He finally decided to do a Halloween themed cake, (even though we are not into Halloween at all)....and he made a fantastic creation, a 3D Jack O'Lantern. He baked a double chocolate cake...well 2 actually, stuck them together bottom to bottom...then he shaped and moulded that cake untl it resembled a pumpkin. he then did a great job with the icing...made a stalk and his creation was complete. He won 2nd prize (losing to Casper the friendly ghost) and then the cake was auctioned off for $80! Well done hun!

Ash was extremely stoked with his certificates, and was so proud to show them off (along with his creations) to our family and friends. (Nana and Aunty Ceri came down from Kaitaia).
Kendyl was rather non-chalant re: the Ag day....preferring to just lay around in her pram comfortably, or getting up for cuddles with Daddy or Nana...depending on whose arms were free.

It was a great day, the smell of poos from all sorts of creatures lingering, hair and fluff from said creatures also flying in the wind....ahhh just what an Ag day is all about I guess.
One of Asher's highights was the sponge throw....on his very last sponge throw...he managed to get the woman wham *smack* right in the mouth, and he just thought that was magnificent! Totally made his day! Wish I had the camera ready to shoot, but Kendyl had full reign of my arms at this stage!
We had a great day, the weather was just perfect (thank you Lord!)and the steak sammies to die for! Made us quite glad to be part of a wonderful little school like Maungatapere!

PS: Warren swears he's not entering next years bake off! heehee...we'll see!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hey cyberspace.....I'm heeeere!

Wow...where to start, it seems an eternity since I sat and wrote a blog and I don't know which random place to start with now that I've got through the "setting up" process...

I used to blog quite frequently...beginning when I was pregnant with my first child ~ a little more than five years ago now, but eventually I kinda got busy with "life stuff" and in a foolish move one day, deleted all the rantings that had made their way from my cerebral cortex to this huge place in cyberspace. At the time it felt like a "cleansing" or some amazingly powerful thing....heehee... but in actual fact a few weeks later I was quite annoyed at myself, and it really bugged me that I'd done it. Like the time I hastily threw my previous 4 years diaries into a fire at age 18 (though in hindsight it was probably a good thing considering all the stalking I used to do of the local hot ~in my mind anyway~ surfer constable back in the day!) Oh man.... craziness! lol.

So....after lots of putting it off, I have decided to start all over again, and let the world take a sneaky peek into this sometimes weird and crazy thing called my head.... :) Of course that's being a bit presumptuous, assuming that anyone would actually want to take a look at what goes on in my head...or life etc, but there you are! Here I go....Im starting to blog....those of you who I deal with regularly had better watch out man.... heehee... (I imagine this is where my husband is gonna start to sweat!!).