Friday, 5 April 2013

Something to kick me off again! A challenge.. a 30 day challenge!

Now.. yes, once again I have been slack at keeping up my blog....

I have been so stuck in my grief of late, that everything revolves around the loss of my Dad, and so I have tried to not blog, so as not to bog you all down in my emotional outpour ... (thoughtful aren't I?? hehe).

Anyway, so I was slowly making my way through my blog list tonight, when I came across this 30 day blog challenge on the blog "Following Moonshadows" and thought "what the heck, I'm gonna give it a crack!". Hopefully it will give me something to blog about, and kick me off again! :)

so here it is: 

Who's going to join me and take up the challenge??
I'd love to read your posts!

I'll be back later to post Day 1.


  1. I need a kick up the butt to blog so I'm in!! You better FB me EVERYDAY to make sure I have done the blog for the day!!!!

    1. Heehee...yay a licence to kick her butt! Wahoo! Xx

  2. I quite like this idea!! I might give it a go.... if I ever get my blog up and running!!!xx


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