Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 12 - Your current relationship.

Successfully Married!

9 years today, we got married. (been together almost 13).
I say successfully married as it's not all totally "happily" married... for the most part yes it is, but there's also "grumpily married" "annoyingly married" and "painfully married".. hahha.. but mostly it's happily married.

I am so blessed by my wonderful man.
He's so EVERYTHING I needed in a husband.
((he's NOT at all like me)).

He's patient.
He's very very slow to anger...infact that makes me angry that he's so hard to anger!! I fly off the handle and he's so very calm ... and collected.  (just what I need!).

Forever and ever hun, Happy Anniversary too if you do read this xx


  1. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful beautiful couple!!
    So precious to find that perfect someone who compliments you in every way xxx

  2. Congratulations on 9 years of Marriage!!! (Totally understand the whole slow to anger issue!lol)

    1. hahaha.. sometimes you feel like you need a good fight huh? but they just don't come to the party!! :) hehe xx

  3. Happy Anniversary to you the blogging mojo too. xxx


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