Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 11 - A picture of your favourite memory

Ridiculous mission... I have far too many fave memories... here are some:

Mine and Warrens engagement party.... (not his fave memory as he had really bad food poisoning or a tummy bug or something and was crook as a dog!!)...

My awesome Nana.... she was a huge part of my life, and I still miss her x

My First Miracle, Asher Gene... xx

My second miracle .. Miss Kendyl Stevie xx

Our last Photo with our precious Daddy
Taken the day before he died xx

Graduation - Bachelor Health Science degree, and Diploma comprehensive Nursing.

The good ol' days at Elim... Some of our worship team
Billy Ruys, Me, and Steve Platjes.

How Happy Mum and Dad were when they were together... even when Dad was stuck for lenghty periods in a hospital setting, when they were together, they were Happy, and they could face anything xx

Last Anzac weekend, Warren had the kids so I could cruise on down and spend the weekend with Mum and  Dad at Middlemore hospital... precious times that Im so thankful for now xx

My Dads 60th birthday (September 2012)
So glad we held it... not knowing what was around the corner
Dad had a fantastic night surrounded by so many who loved and honoured him xx

Just how "crazy" Dad was when his Mokos were around.
xx will miss that xx

All my bros kids and my 2 spending time together... great memories and they all have a wonderful relationship... Love these kids xx

Our Family... back in the day...

Man I could go on and on, but I will stop here


  1. Beautiful Memories!!!!
    LOVE that last pic of your family!!! Kendyl looks sooooo much like you!!

  2. I agree with Tracy...She totally looks like you there!

  3. Oh poor child...I hope she's destined for better things...hahaha.. (at least she has a better body!!) hehehe xx


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