Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day3 - your idea of the perfect first date

I think the perfect first date would be nice and casual.... not out to a fancy restaurant or anything.... you'd be too nervous to eat properly let alone know which of the cutlery to use at which time!  haha. 

I think a casual picnic dinner at the beach on a warm night... watching the sun go down.  I like this idea because you can actually "talk" .... whilst watching the waves... the goings on on the beach. 

If  you go the movies on a first date... (and this so happened to me when I was set up on a date by a friend)... he picks you up... *awkward stifled conversation driving to the picture theatre*, then you get there, and watch the movie.... I know I tried hard to make sure my arm wasn't touching his, or my leg when I got too relaxed... or even worse that our hands didn't touch while reaching for the shared popcorn.... ahahah.. so no talking, and then a little bit of talking over coffee.. anyway it was weird, and I wouldn't want to go on a movie first date again!You learn hardly anything about the other person when you do a first date at the movies....  I didn't really know if I wanted to go out with him again or I was still in the same boat as I was when we had the first date.  I didn't find out anything more about him... so when he rang and asked me to the movies again (yeah, unimaginative 1st and second dates)... I said I was busy... hehe.

Anyway back to the "ideal" first date.
I think if you're at the beach, you've got nothing to hide behind...hehe.(like loud music at a nightclub... or a movie playing etc) . you Have to talk to each other otherwise it will be obvious. You are in a relaxed environment, and you can work out whether or not you would actually like to spend another date finding out about this person or not. 

Oh and extra spesh on that first date would be if they had a guitar with them and could have a jam with you... hehe.. that would be just perfect!


  1. I totally agree with you on this! The movies are a terrible place to go on a first date! Beaches = awesome!

  2. Oh so long ago that I had a first date....but sounds like you idea is a fun one. xx


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