Friday, 5 April 2013

Day1 - Your favourite song.

Okay... now when it comes to songs or music, anyone who knows me, knows that I can't just have one song!  So I will narrow it down to :

My favourite song "right now"
My longest fave song
and My favourite song that I sing in my band.   :)

1a:  My favourite song right now: "You hold me now" by Hillsong United.

This song sums up my Dads journey to heaven 4mths ago... and helps cheer me up when I really miss him.  Puts things into perspective for me... like how could I wish him back to earth? How could I want him back here...when he's where he's longed to be... where we all long to be, in the presence of God who holds him now!? Makes me excited about when it's my turn to head there!! Wahooo!

1b:  My longest favourite song:  "Silver Springs" Fleetwood Mac.

I heard this via my parents record collection, and have always felt like I "knew" it... and loved it... I love the end bit where it talks about their love........... I love the musicianship, the words, Stevie :)  When I saw Fleetwood Mac perform it live I sung it LOUDLY at the top of my lungs much to Warrens disgust!! haha..
I would love to perform this song with a huge orchestra/strings one day... arrghhh :)

1c:  My favourite song to sing in my band: Toss up between "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benetar and "Barracuda" by Heart (another 2 of my very favourite bands/singers!!).  I love them because they're exciting to sing and leave you breathless, and you can't "not" concentrate or else you'll lose your place in the song .......hahah.. I just love them both.. so here they are:     

Barracuda (Heart)

and:  Heartbreaker (Pat Benetar)

Righto...what are your favourite songs??


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