Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 8 - your dream wedding.

My dream wedding.

Well, my dream wedding has always been a very laid back and informal (ish) day…. Even before I got pregnant and decided that it was ridiculous to spend loads of money on one day, when we now had a child to think about!!!.

I have never “dreamed” of a big fluffy white wedding day to be honest.  I’m not totally sure why, but I’m guessing it’s a mix of the following:

  • being an “anti-dress” girl.  Loving my jeans/tshirts, and actually being quite tomboyish.
  • Not having a fantastic body/face and knowing I would never be able to live up to that “beautiful stunning amazing bride” that everyone thinks of.
  • Because I’ve always believed that getting married is not about the day… but about the future together…about being a couple officially..legally!
  • Because I can’t be too serious for too long, and a solemn wedding service etc would freak me out.

So, Warren and I had a date that we wanted to get married,  we were working towards that date, when we found out that “yippee” we were pregnant……… even after we were not supposed to be (see that story HERE).

So…what were we to do? Do we postpone the wedding?  Speed it up? Hmmmm…
So we just decided to go ahead with it and “just do it” preggy and all, and as cheaply as possible, since extra money would be going towards the bub.

Our day was lovely, beautiful, surrounded by those we loved… and so I think for me it was actually my dream wedding… no fuss, no bother no glitz and glamour…. We got married at Heritage park, Maunu, and then went back to our house .. under a lion red marquee on our driveway… we all just ate late afternoon fingerfood, had some drinks and hung out together, and you know what… we were happy with that.  Then later that night those that wanted to came with us out for a buffet meal in town… then it was an early night for Mrs Preggy!  Lol.

You know what.. I would do a few more things to make it my "dream wedding" ... but most of it I would just do all over again ! It was enough of a dream for me! ;)


  1. That's very sweet. Everyone has a different idea of what a wedding should be, yours sounds lovely!

  2. You looked stunning (as always!)
    Love you beautiful lady xx


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