Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 10 - A photo of your Favourite place to eat.

My very favourite place in the world to eat.... is this place below....

It's not a restaurant, or fancy dining place....

It's laid back... relaxed...

It's my home... well not MY home, my Mum (and Dads) home
in my hometown of Kaitaia.

It's not all about the food... it's about the gatherings that happen in this place.

It's about the "catching up" when we come home... or when there's a special occasion.
It's about the Friends, and the whanau (family)...
It's about the LOVE......

...and about the food too :)

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  1. ohh man!! I wanna change my favourite place to my Mums too!!! I don't think anywhere is as good to eat than with our families xxxx


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