Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tracy's Photoshoot prep!

My bloggy mate Tracy from Inside the Scrap Heap had a photo shoot on today.
We organised for a friend of mine to come around and help Trace a bit with her make up and hair, (since Tracy just doesn’t “DO” make up!). 

I had a woman from my playcentre and mainly music group organised to come and do the job at hand, as she used to work as a make up consultant, and was so into make up, and really was keen to come and help get Tracy prepped, however early this morning I got a txt from her explaining that her child was unwell and there was no way she could make it.

AAARRGGGGHHHHHH…………….. what was I gonna do?  I didn’t want poor Trace to have to face the camera make up naked!!!!

But to the rescue came my good friend Karen.  She had helped do a number of weddings in the past and eagerly stepped up and said she’d help out!  ((WHEW)).
She dug out her bits and pieces of make up, and along we went to get the job started!

I have to say, Trace was AMAZING and just “went with the flow”.  Most people who don’t wear ANY make up or own any like her, really don’t just let you loose…..or are continually wanting to “check” the make up as you progress… Tracy was a true legend and just sat there, looking pretty calm about it all actually!

Karen didn’t want to do anything “drastic” and scare Tracy, so it was really just a bit of foundation, and some smokey eyes and lippy.  We then had to call on Tracys mum to whip around with a hair dryer, so Karen could give Traces follicles a bit of a tickle.  

Then it was time to get dressed and on the way! I thought Tracy looked lovely… definitely not too “overdone”…. And I can’t wait to see the professional 



  1. nawwwww thanks my beautiful friend!!! xxxx

    1. You are soooooooooooooooooooo very welcome beautiful gorgeous friend!! :) So glad we could help you (well I didn't do much did I?? lol) You're awesome and deserve a bit of spoiling!! xxxxx

  2. Awesome stuff!!! Love you guys. xo

  3. Beautiful Tracy!!! p.s. your kitchen looks awesome!

  4. You look great! Awesome organising Neetz!

  5. GORGEOUS!! I have tears in my eyes, you beautiful girls xxx


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