Thursday, 15 March 2012

Playcentre fun

Kendyl just loves going to Playcentre.  She loves seeing her friends.  She loves being "Miss Independent" and she love interacting with all the other parents there too.
When we drop Asher off to school...she continually asks if we're going to Playcentre also, and gets rather upset if we aren't!
 The week before last, Kendyl spotted the Playcentre garden had ripe strawberries and cherry tomatoes, and since they desperately needed picking and eating, we got a bowl and a little tribe of about 4 girls all gathered and carefully picked (and ate) their way through the little garden.  Their little bowl didn't take very long to get full (much to their squeals of delight!).
 After a good washing, they tucked in, and enjoyed all of the harvest!  Some of the Mums got to try the tomatoes (there were no strawberries left funnily enough).
 It's so nice to see the kids taking pride in their little garden, which they hoed, and tended, and watched as the fruit grew slowly..................and best of all, watching them sit down and share in the eating of them!
 .............. and it didn't take very long for the bowl to be completely empty..........
                                          much to the horror of these two below!!


  1. How cute - and delicious! Love how kids takes the greatest amount of joy and pleasure in the simplest, sweetest things in life!

  2. We love Playcentre also... been there all morning today :-)!


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