Friday, 30 March 2012

This week in a second...

Wow.. where has this week gone?  I've been crazy busy again.... so that's why there's been no posting for me.

What have I been up to?

Birthday parties 
Three to attend this last week.  Presents to buy.  Places to be at the right times!

 We played a Wedding on a wet wet Saturday night at Tututkaka.  It was beautiful, but it was cold!  We have another big wedding on this weekend (Tomorrow) at the Kensington Stadium... should be a blast!

Family stuff :
organising my Dad for his "Angel Flight"... He is going to be the first recipient of the Angel Flight service.... so have been helping to organise that for next week.  You can read about it HERE.

Usual stuff: 
The usual... daily stuff.. making lunches, making dinners, making appointments, mainly music (and preparing for a special mainly music easter session!), playcentre, friends around for coffee, cleaning, learning new songs, practices, attending church while looking like a zombie (since you didn't get home from a gig just 4 hours earlier!!)  etc.

Not so usual stuff:
helping my friend get into the Northland Shave for a cure group that had their heads shaved this morning live on air on More FM.  She did really well, only signed up on Monday for it .. .and had it done this morning, and managed to raise $695 in those few days!! ... (Well done Kerinda).

My other friend Tracy from Inside the scrapheap is also shaving off her locks in a few days ((GO TRACE))!  And she has done amazingly well in raising some good $$!!

And on top of that, planning a "circus themed" birthday party for my nearly 3 year old!! (fun fun).

I'm headed up to Kaitaia tonight to drop the kiddies off to stay with Nana and Papa, so hubby can come and be our roadie/sound&lighting guy at this weekends gigs!  :) Yay for awesome parents / babysitters !! Love them!! x
Have a great weekend my friends :)


  1. busy with loads of great things!

  2. Busy busy alright!!! Love all that's happening and that birthday invite is awesome!!

    1. haha thanks. :) Yeah we have red tickets attached to the invites... with the invited kids name on it.. and Asher's going to collect them as they come in the gate... and we'll do spot draws/prizes :) Hopefully gonna borrow my bros bouncy castle, and dress the horses/goats up with feathers in thier halters... looking like performing circus animals.. and Im thinking a stuffed teddy or something tied to sarges back...LOL

  3. Busy but filled with so much fun! The circus theme looks fantastic!

  4. Wow your life sounds a lot like mine.....hope the weekend went well and I second the Hip Hip Hooray for parents/babysitters. xx


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