Monday, 5 March 2012

So much to be thankful for..

Every day we are so quick to point out all the crap that goes on....  moan and groan about this and that... feel unfairly "done by" or "done to".  But when we actually take a moment to reflect on all the things we take for granted, or all the "could have beens" we really have so very much to be thankful for!

Just the other day, I had the pony out around the house, she was off just free grazing (and trying to get into the house too)...  when "out of the blue" the dog ran around the corner and gave her a huge fright, and she leapt into the air, and flew off around the side of the house, when at the exact time my little girl was coming around the corner................ I could see that there was no way I could do anything about it, I just yelled "get down Bubba" hoping that Kitty would jump over Kendyl and clear her........... but she knocked into her, and Kendyl went flying.......but THANKFULLY was not hurt or stood on.....just given a huge fright!!
Believe you me..... I had a LOT to be thankful for!  I kept thinking "What if.............. Kitty had stood on her?"
"What if.......... she had knocked her head, or fallen wrong"......... awful to even think about!

I am so very thankful that my awesome Dad is healing up well ahead of schedule, and is looking really well!  I am hugely thankful that he's now in Whangarei hospital, where we can visit him as much as we want without travelling all the way to Auckland!  I am thankful for the awesome nurses who really care about my Dad and treat him so well here!
I am very thankful that he will be going home soon!

I am very very thankful for a wonderful husband............who never moans or groans when I book in some nights out with family....or the bloggy girls.... or the band............. even most weeknights in a row!!  I am thankful that he is caring/loving and so very supportive of everything I do!  I love him to bits.

I am thankful for a Mummy, who although she has come to Whangarei to visit her husband in hospital, offers to have my kiddies on the weekend when she's here, so that my wonderful hubby (who I just said I was thankful for!)... can come with me to an out-of-town gig!  I'm thankful that she's so awesome with our kids that they often say... "If you and Daddy died together, then could we go and live with Nana and Papa????" hahahahahah...  although it's not nice to think about, at least they love Mum and Dad that much that they've even considered things like that!! hahaha.

I'm thankful for the love of a family that is worth far more than any amount of dollars.......and for a home filled to the brim with love....even though it might not be a mansion or amazing.....!

I'm thankful that I have another spend among awesome people, and to try hard to live to its very fullest!! :)

What things are you thankful for today???? :)


  1. thankful to have a lovely friend like you who reminds me family is everything

  2. What a great life you have, it's all about the people isn't it. It's not having the latest smart phone or trendy cushions or fancy sunglasses, it's having a core of loving lovely people around you that you care for and share with and they do the same back. Sounds like you've got your priorities just right. And thanks again for your comments, your perspective is becoming very useful! Take care xxx

  3. Oh I am just so happy about your Dad!!! Lovely list!

  4. I agree with Jackie. Thankful to know such a beautiful person <3
    Loving that your Dad is doing so well, what a blessing.

  5. Fantastic news about your Dad!!

    I am thankful for having wonderful friends like you too xxx

  6. So glad you shared those lovely thoughts of thankfulness....we really are a blessed people.

  7. Awesome attitude Neetz!!!
    I can totally tell that you are the kinda gal I would LOVE!!!
    One of these days we have to meet. Maybe a bloggy meetup sometime aye???
    So lad your dad is doing well and the pony didn't hurt your girlie!

    1. yes for sure!! a bloggy meet up would be awesome!!! xxxx

  8. good news about your dad

    and bless your mum


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