Thursday, 1 March 2012

Double Whammy Bloggerammy Movie night!

 Well, when Becky let us know that she was going to be child-free for a couple of nights, and would some of us like to join her for dessert, most said "YES"...however some of us couldn't swing it.

We COULD however go to the movies the night before, so how 'bout it??

So, tonight myself, Jackie (from Jacksta B), Elizabeth (from she exceeds rubies) met up with Becky (from Miss Becky Boo) for a "Girls movie night!"

I dragged my cousin Sharleen along too, as she was long overdue a bit of girly time out!

We got there not long before the movie was due to start.... Bex and Jax were up front in the "waiting for tickets" line, and tried to get me to queue jump ahead with them...but I am far too chicken for that I stayed put back about 9 or so people.

There was no sign of Liz or Shar for a little while, so we continued on to get our tickets, and soon enough they had arrived and were through.  After collecting some little treaties we got seated in the almost-bare theatre.

We watched "The Vow", and made our fair share of in-movie noise during the screening...  (not myself though, I was VERY quiet!) heehee.
I think our overall reaction re: the movie was that it was okay... not riveting by any means, just light hearted, sorta romantic, sorta sad........ "OKAY" viewing.  Still a great kid-free night and a good excuse to hang out with our bloggy mumma mates!

We came out of the movie when either Jackie or Becky came up with the BRILLIANT idea of going to see something else!  Shar had to get home, so she cruised off, but the rest of us were keen beans!  After a quick message to the "other halves" to let them know we were going to be a bit later, we wandered down to Dickens Inn for a bit of a natter and a bevvy before our second movie.

 Was lovely to have the little spell in between movies for a laugh and chat, but all too soon we were packing up again, and off to see "Jack and Jill".  I have to say I enjoyed this a lot!  Sometimes Adam Sandler can be wayyyy over the top, but this movie was cool!  We all had some real good gut laughs!  We didn't really give a stuff about who heard us or cared... :)
I was so glad we had stayed for the second movie, it was great!  And all too soon it was over and time to say "night night" and head off home!
 Liz, Bex and Jackie saying goodbye
And thanks to the lovely Tina who was also there that night........she snapped a quick pic of us all together at the end of the night.

Cheers girlies for the socialising :)  As usual catching up with you guys is a nice little boost to the soul!
See you again soon xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. FUN!!! JEALOUS!!! FUN!!!! Love seeing you girls getting together and having FUN!!!

  2. COOL! Jealous much, but I shall enjoy dessert tonight instead :-) Shame you can't come :-(

  3. totally Jealous!!! I wish I could have come!
    We sooo have to organise something like this again!

  4. Was so fun hanging out!!! Hehehe what a laugh! xx

  5. haha...well done on getting it blogged so quick!

  6. Looks like you gals had heaps of fun! :)

  7. How indulgent two movies....but oh so much fun I bet though. xx

  8. What a great evening out! I must organise something like that for the Wellington bloggers!

    1. Yeah do it! We meet regularly our awesome whangarei bloggers group...usually just a catch up/coffee (er..and cake), etc ... it's a tonic for the ol' soul! Sometimes we do some crafty activities together.. :)


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