A letter to my babies.....

Asher Gene and Kendyl Stevie x

My two little ratbags
How you bring so much happiness to my life
Sure I grumble and I groan
and I moan at you to do this and to not do that
But the love I have for you is so deep
so unfathomable
So raw and so full

And it amazes me
How this love I have for you
began even before I first heard your hearts beat
increased when I did
and just overflowed when I got my first glimpse of you
I Love you
even though you sometimes don't listen
and make me so darn cross that I feel like exploding
I Love you, even when I'm disappointed about your actions
I Love you more than I could ever explain to you
I cringe when I see you're about to get hurt
I want to save you whenever possible
I want to wrap you up and protect you from everything bad in the world
I want to take your sickness when you're unwell
I want to make you better even if it costs me
Because I Love you so much
Being a Mum has changed me
It's made me scared.........worried all the time about you
It's made me feel like an overprotective Rottweiler
ready to defend you at the click of a finger
It's made me a control freak
I don't want you to hurt
I don't want you to be worried or scared
I don't want you to suffer rejection
I don't want you to be lonely, made fun of, or to be picked on
But as much as I don't want all of that...I want you to LIVE
I want you to LEARN
I want you to know that it's okay to come last in the race
It's okay not to be the coolest kid in the class
It's okay that we haven't got the best car/house/bikes (insert object here)
Whatever happens......YOU will always be loved
You were always wanted, longed for, dreamt about
You were our miracles, given by God when doctors said we'd never have you
You will always have Me
You will always have Dad
You will always have Grandparents who think you're just awesome
Aunties and Uncles who wanna hang out with you and know how you're doing
Cousins who miss you when you're not around.
You will always be loved
You will always be wanted
You will always be Good enough!
You will always have us.........even when you don't necessarily want us
You will always have us.
I Love you my babes

Love Mum xx


  1. Beautiful Neetz and you have so perfectly captured the Mother's heart!

  2. you are a fab mum. And I have seen first hand that Rottweiler protector...That time we were at mair park and Kendyl feel off the park bench...I have never seen any mother run as fast as that, yelling "My BABY!" I felt ashamed because I know I wouldn't sprint that fast. What an inspiration you are. :)

    1. Oh heck yeah I remember that day... my poor bubs... lol. Man I can sprint when I need to right? lol Thanx Jackie xx

  3. Love this post! It captures a mother heart perfectly, thanks for sharing xx

  4. Awww - tears in the eyes...!!!!

  5. WOW. That's O for awesome ;-) Love it.

  6. Beautifully done girl. Gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful post to your babies xxx

  8. This is beautiful Neetz... LOVE IT!!!!
    Gave me goosebumps, it did.
    And I LOVE how you did that flashing photo montage... how did you do it??? Spill the beans! Write a tutorial about it, cos I want to make one too! It was PERFECT!

    PS your kids are beautiful


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