Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A week ago today.........

We buried my Aunty

In a Purple Casket........that was what she wanted!
She loved Purple. She got her wish :) 

She would have loved it! She would have raved about how cool it looked!

Purple...the colour of Royalty

Fitting really. Considering she's the daughter of the KING!! and now in heaven celebrating!!

We all tried to wear something purple to add to the occasion. 

To brighten up our very sad state.

The turnout was amazing, and it said a lot for our Aunty.... someone who had touched the heart of many....

The funeral was very personal, and one that she would have loved.
People had come from all over NZ and Australia.

We brought her home's what she wanted and agreed to the night before she died, (She used to live in Mum and Dads granny flat, so really wanted to come back there)....
 so Mum 'n Dads house became a Marae from Saturday until the funeral on Tuesday.

We spent a lot of time sharing about the very courageous battle that Aunty Ceri fought over her 50 years.  We laughed, we cried, we sang and we shared together. 
It was a great time together as a family, after a pretty stressful week caring for her in ICU.
She got her wish though...she did not die alone.
There were over 30 of us gathered in that little ICU side room
We held our aunty....We kissed her... We told her how loved she was
We sang to her as she left this world!
~Her last weekend stay with us~

"...And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together....One sweet day..."
RIP our darling Aunty, we will remember you with so much love and tenderness,
you really do leave a huge gaping space in our family.
We love you xxx


  1. Well...her funeral was a week ago TUESDAY, however I posted this at 12.10 so it looks like Wednesday :) heehee... Must learn to post earlier in the evening!! lol xx

  2. This is a beautiful post Neetz. I have tears welling up, and its not just the pregnacy tears either. Big hugs to you and your family. What a beautiful send off. xxx

  3. Tears welling up here too - loving the way everyone was together, grieving together, wearing purple - and loving the fact that right now she is in paradise. oxo

  4. Yeah totally loving the fact she's in Heaven Kristy!!! She so deserves it! Its harder for us left behind huh? :) and yeah the purple thing was pretty cool!! :)

  5. love the purple coloured theme. Sorry for your loss. What was she sick with neetz?

  6. Wow being there with the family and celebrating who kerri was and what she meant to us was beautiful. As a friend not only conquered alot in her life but she made many many friends, close and aquaintences, so thank you to the liddicoats and to the Larkins for giving her to us and for releasing her to God, Bless you all, just because we have lost a friend,sister,aunty we know that she is talking to Jesus and asking him random questions..... Ka kite ano Bridgfords.

  7. Hi ya Jackie.. She had stomach cancer, fought that battle for about 9 years, and almost died numerous times from infections, chemo related illnesses, and the cancer itself...but just in the last 3 weeks, I went with her to her oncologist appt (when we saw Les last actually), and the oncologist was thrilled...saying look at these scans...the tumour's totally gone etc. So we rejoiced and celebrated etc, but then she was choppered down here to Wd 16 in respiratory distress and with double pneumonia (that was on the 20th)..then she went to ICU on the 22nd..and passed away on the 25th. No more suffering now thank goodness xx
    And to the Bridgfords...Thank you so much for your awesome friendship with our aunty. She loved her friends (and ours) just like all meant a lot to her...Thank you xxxx

  8. Always in our hearts and thoughts Dearest Aunty Care-Care...Rave about us to the Lord so he knows what to expect when it's our turn...Arohanui Char&co


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