Friday, 29 October 2010

Utter Bubbly goodness....

Man I love Bubble gum. 
I have as long as I can remember. 
Unfortunately I think this might be something that I have passed on to my son, as he's a real bubblegum-oholic and would spend all of his allowance plus any money he's found here and there, on bubble gum.

My very favourite is Hubba Bubba, outrageous original.
I first tried Hubba Bubba when I was living in Australia, so Im guessing I must have been about 8 years old, (30 years ago now!!!!) In those days "Outrageous original" was not it's name. It was just "hubba bubba" as there was ONE was red in colour and if my memory serves me right, it was quite a bit firmer than todays pinky soft concoction.  Perhaps it was because we were "hard" back then and our jaws were used to struggling with bubble gum...these days it's almost like it's "pre-chewed!!" lol.
This is an early Hubba Bubba wrapper, almost like I remember.

I still remember the ad....there were 2 cowboys having a "draw" and hubba bubba winning.  Then the voiceover said "Big bubbles ... No troubles"  (as it was guaranteed not to stick in your hair!!...or to your face like some do).

Anyway, I hadn't indulged in any Hubba Bubba goodness for a while, and the last time I had it was some ungodly flavour that Asher loved...either that strawberry or grape flavour, which was not disgusting, just not to my liking.
However the week before last, I decided to treat my son to some tattoo gum, when I spotted the "outrageous original" Hubba Bubba.
Something in me stirred.
My tastebuds tingled.
I gave in and added the 90cent treat to the goodies on the counter.

I drove to the bus-stop to meet my son, and popped one of the pieces of gum into my mouth,and WOWEE... the flavour ROCKED! 
It was really weird, but all of my memories of living in Sydney.... walking to catch the train to school....stopping at the corner shop and getting several packets of Hubba bubba...all came flooding back in that instant.  I remembered our house.  All sorts, unlocked just by that taste of Hubba Bubba. :)
Then I did a disgusting thing...
I swallowed my gum, just like I used to when I was 9....opened another piece and chewed with great abandon........then I blew the most amazing bubble which covered my face and somehow got stuck to my eyelashes and brows...and a few stray head-hairs. 
By the time Ashers bus arrived the packet was gone, the car smelt like bubble gum and I was still picking at my matted eyelashes... heehee...

But MAN it was awesome........................and since then I must have purchased at least another 6 packets!! heehee.


  1. haha - I totally remember that original flavour! Isn't it crazy how smells and flavours bring back such vivid memories!

    I must have sooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

  2. haha cool! My Dad always hated us chewing gum...and my kids haven't even tried it before! Maybe we should give it ago together!

  3. Hubba bubba!!! I havent thought about that goodness in years. MMMM


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