Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thanks to the Diva for an awesome giveaway!!

I told you all a while back that I was the lucky winner of the coolest giveaway!  Well, it came last Saturday (not the one just gone but the one prior to the one just gone... lol)... and I collected it as I was on my way to ICU to spend time with my wonderful Aunty who was fighting courageously for her life. 

I was so excited I bundled it into my bub's pram and toddled off to the hospital to sit with my aunty and family members and open my winnings.  It was a great distraction to all of the emotions we were facing as a family that day.... so we got to "ohhh" and ahhhh" as we all had turns ripping open the brown paper packages tied with twine.
The family in ICU...

Kendyl having a closer look at our goodies!

Asher Sharing around the yummy chocolate!

mmmm...we needed coffee to help de-stress!

Unfortunately we didn't get too long to enjoy/savour our treats as my courageous aunty deteriorated and we had to turn off all of her equipment and watch her slip away.......RIP Aunty Ceri xx (will blog about this awesome Aunty sometime soon)

Over the next few days we used various products from the package... that coffee...mmmmm... the yummy body wash... I read the magazines to pass the time....
Thank you so much Gail.......your package was so timely and such a blessing in a very emotional time. 


The kids...enjoying the fizzy bath bomb!!! :)


  1. Wow - you are so welcome. I'm glad it brought a little joy at such a difficult time!xx

  2. All my love Neetz on the passing of your aunty. :(

    So nice to have such a yummy package of treats to bring a smile during such a sad time. Gail is awesome.

  3. Perfect timing then huh. Sorry to hear about your Aunty Neetz. Hugs from across the ditch. xxx


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