Friday, 29 October 2010

Ag day is again upon us...

Ashers "white" floral arrangement
Today was spent with a class full of fidgety children....arranging flowers, ripping petals off of pretty flowers and sticking them with Vaseline to black cardboard (in our day it used to be stuck to a saucer)...and sticking toothpicks into vegetables and creating some kind of vege/fruit monster animal.

I'm actually trying my hardest to sound "ho-hum" about it, but in reality, I had fun :) heehee.  It took me back to my primary school days!

Here's a few pics from our morning :)

Blurry pic of Kylie (Life saver) with Kendyl 

Kendyl was being a bit of a pain until she made friends with Kylie .... and claimed her knee! :) ((Thanks)).  Kylie, (I just found out today) is also here at blogspot. You can check out her blog HERE.  She has a gorgeous daughter in my sons class.

Some of the creations and hardwork from the day....

This is "Mrs Bennett" Ashers lovely teacher.

A great day was had by all....and roll on tomorrows Maungatapere School Agricultural day!


  1. I remember making vege animals and sand saucer thingys! Haha - fun times!

  2. and we used to do "aqua jars" or something..where you'd do an arrangement...stick it into plastercine in the lid of a jar...then fill the jar with water, turn the arrangement upside down and into the water, then turn the whole jar upside down (so the arrangement was immersed in water and right side up).
    :) Did you do that too???


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