Sunday, 10 October 2010

Picnics, Planting and Placentas :)


This is my Daughter Kendyl (17mths) and my brothers youngest Daughter Bobbi (7mths).  We decided that last weekend, following the funeral of my Aunty Ceri, that we'd have a family picnic together before we left Kaitaia and returned to Whangarei, and that afterwards we'd bury our daughters placentas (or "Whenua"), under a lovely tree, at my Mum and Dads place.
We've done this with all of our childrens placentas.  My son Asher and my brothers son Taikahas' were planted on our Nana and Papas shared grave, before the concreting over was done.
My brothers 2 middle daughters Charlize and Faith had their whenua planted near the driveway of my parents land under a big Magnolia tree.

We enjoyed a lovely Ice cream on this awesome sunny Saturday...

My Mum, my Dad and Asher also enjoying their Ice creams!

 Kendyl was having great fun tipping out all of the shells from Nanas garden :)
Guess who had to pick them all up afterwards??? Not Kendyl anyway!!

Mum cooked an awesome tender bolar roast and we had yummy sammies, and an assortment of other goodies!!  Out under the tree at the back of the section.

Papa and Bobbi girl enjoyed lots of cuddles together...

My sister in law Aveena and My Mum nattered away as we ate in the glorious sunshine...

Warren was content to just sit back and listen mostly...between sandwiches anyway...

 Then we got down to the job at hand.  We collected up our placentas...let Nana Buffy do the gory job of opending up the bags of placentas....heehee.. (an honour we reckon....ahem..NOT!).. lol  She wasn't put off though...she ripped into the bags (surgical gloves in situ though!)... All the while thanking God for our healthy gorgeous girls and these placenta that nourished them in the womb...

It was a good time to reflect on life and the miracle of life, and those that we love and those that have gone before us.

Into the hole they go

add one tree

We all got in there and planted our whenua tree..
And then our girls got to pose by their tree...

Kendyl decided she would water her tree ...

 Mums and their Babes
This is Charlize and Faith and their placentas are buried here under this giant Magnolia (though it's not a giant supposedly will be in the future).

And this is Asher moaning about why he can't have a photo with his placental burial place!!?? lol


  1. What a beautiful sunny day for such a beautiful ceremony! So special... such a wonderful celebration of life, love and whanau! Jennifer x

  2. I love that you combined and made a big occasion of it. What a wonderful thing to do, especially after such a hard time. Bless you!

  3. Hi there Juanita!!
    What a lovely surprise.. you went and 'got all growed up'!!
    Your little family looks beautiful!!
    It looks like you all gave your well loved Auntie a great send the way your voice is amazing!! I'm so glad you are still singing!!
    Lots of love ..Helen xx


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