Saturday, 23 October 2010

Down at Uncle Rons and Aunty Elmas ... (Part 1)

Mmmm...Tamarillos which we made into yummy Chutney...
Nice bright flowery colours contrasted by gorgeous blue corrugated iron
Oh..and more Tamarillos
The welcoming doorway...with clogs all lined up
Bright orange flowers..
One cute furry 4-legged family member...and some toes
One Aunty Di...My Mummy and Steph' in the background
My Dad talking to the Hyslop Cuzzies (Roy cooking breakfast)
A gorgeous garden art piece
The man I love with all my heart and our baby ...and blossoms in the background
 Bottles all lined up in a row
 My boy squeezing his big cousin
 Two hungry little piggies trying to squish their heads through the fence

 Gorgeous flowers
...............there's more to come, but its now 2.22am and I gotta get some sleep...
will finish this next time :)


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