Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sicky Saturday and Sunday :(

Well....Im so over sickness in EVERY and ANY form!  I think we've had our years worth thanks...I know it's only July but that's more for our household thank you very much!

Gee..does it ever feel like your household (one or more of the total) is continually sick?  Im beginning to feel this way. 

2 weeks ago first Kendyl, and then within 2 days, Asher became unwell... typical flu like symptoms... the headaches, feeling yuck etc...then followed by fevers....then followed by a rash... not a meningitis-type rash, a yucky pustule type rash indicative of "hand foot and mouth" disease (very common in children)....((NOTE: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE "FOOT AND MOUTH" AS CONTRACTED BY ANIMALS!!!!))   I had to clear that up as so many people haven't heard of Hand foot and mouth and automatically think of the "animal type" that is feared by all farmers and people of the land...

Although Asher's had hand foot and mouth when he was one...and should theoretically be unlikely to get it again, the symptoms seemed pretty obvious to me and are telling me....he's got it again!  I mention this to the Doctor, but she shakes her head, (as the rash hasn't yet become apparent on Ash)...and puts lil ol me in my place  (I mean I am just a registered nurse...NOT a DOCTOR!!)...that there is no way he will have it again given the severity of his initial case. I go away from the consultation thinking that sure, Kendyls got HFMD but Asher must just have a really bad case of the 'flu then cos he's shivery, feeling nauseous, headachy...generally yuck.  That is until the very next morning when he is sporting the exact same rash that our little miss is!  ((SURPRISE!!)).
I feel like marching him back in to "SHOW" the doctor the rash that she's been adamant would not occur....half out of  "haha I told ya so" and half out of worry for my boy since his rash is developing at the rate of knots and is looking pretty nasty.
But I don't...I just continue to treat his fevers, to check on the rash and ensure it doesnt become infected etc... and to hide him from the general public as he looks well....plain scary to be honest! 

Once Kendyls spots develop, she makes a pretty speedy recovery (whew).  However Mr Ash takes a decline and the spots just take over.... they're in the back of his of his his hair, ears, up his the point where one nostril is almost closed over and full of blood/pus  (TMI sorry...but most of you are Mums or nurses, I know you can handle it!).
Then they invade his poor hands...right in between his fingers...up the sides of them, so they hurt when they touch...they look really really nasty and he's a big ball of misery.  I take him back for that visit to the doctor... they only give him some topical "foban" cream to apply....nevermind the nightmare of trying to dress the things without them sticking together etc... nor do they give him any antibiotics even though I try to suggest them...and try all sorts of subliminal messages...she doesn't think he's "bad" enough though.
(I try to tell her in a nice way that my son may not exhibit the moany/whingey/whoa is me signs that some kids do when they're unwell, but I know my boy and I know when he's not too good)... doesn't work.

So, this Friday night rolls around and Kendyl's probably 93%, Asher's approx 62%, then my darling husband comes home about 50%....arrrggh just what the household needs!!  He's got a really horrible sore throat, is feeling blerk, and just wants to curl up and make the world go'm just knackered from all the extra "loving" required this past week.  I can tell it's gonna be a LOOOONNNGG weekend!

Yesterday (Saturday) Ash wakes up with his adaptic dressings (which are non-adhesive and shouldn't really stick to his raw fingers/hands) firmly stuck in place with blood and gunk, and he looks like an awful burns victim.  Im taking him to Whitecross, or A&E, or somewhere...but first to get these horrific dressings off him (it aint gonna be pretty I know this much) I run him a lovely warm bath, and get him to soak soak soak, as I know he's not gonna like it if we present at either doctors with said dressings still stuck!!
My poor boy cries and screams like I haven't heard for a long time..........and it takes us 2 and a half hours in a warm bath to get those damned things soaked off his poor hands (which are now so macerated and bleeding that it breaks my heart). 
I have to dry him off, dress him warm and just bundle him into the van and we're off... my poor REALLY ill hubby has to take charge of a now screaming for attention 15mth old, so he's feeling like pooh! (not as in "the bear" either).
Ash and I get to Whitecross and are told that we face an hour long wait.  Im so glad I had given him both neurofen and pamol, as he was not feeling too comfy at this stage.  but we finally get in to see a doctor, 2 hours and 10mins later, just as I'm feeling a little grumpy as 3 people who came after us have already been in! 
The nurse comes in and takes a look at Asher and says...."Ohh darlin' we should have seen you quicker"  ... AHHH do ya think?? lol
So the doc comes and says "Well what do we have here??" (((My chance!!))) 
I say... "What we have here is an awful case of HFMD that has progressed so quickly and become infected that I now think my son has a raging infection and needs some oral antibiotics, as well as some stronger topical cream, and perhaps something we can bathe his poor hands in...........and while you're at it can you tell me how I can adequately dress this as adaptic doesn't seem to be working"....
Well the doctor said...
"yes... I totally agree"
I almost fell off my chair!!  Yay... progress!
So, within 5 minutes of seeing that doctor, she had given us  prescriptions for 3 big tubes of bactroban, some pinetarsol to soak in, some oral antibiotics, and a huge tub of aqueous cream (for the other non blistered areas), and a whole heap of dressings (that she, stick these in your
and off we went... for a half an hour wait at the chemist.

We got a treat since Ash had been so brave, and we hadn't eaten...McDonalds....took them home and hubby was so happy to be relieved of babysitting duties...he kinda just ate and then became comatose!
Asher took to his "nest" on the couch, and Kendyl assumed the "feeding" position.  I was totally knackered!

Today started off terribly..with a very sick hubby, sore hands for Ash, ((but already looking much better thanks to a few doses of a/b's)), and a grumpy baby who woke with a very clogged up snotty nose...arrgghhh.....
thankfully the day got a bit better.  Son was looking brighter, hubby began interacting with the family again, but there was a continual "wiping of snot" from bubs.........yuck!
So...that was our stinky sickly Saturday and sunday.....................surely things have to get healthier now!!

I hope you all have had a much better weekend full of fun, HEALTH and lots of laughter!!
Hopefully my next blog will be full of good things!!

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