Thursday, 8 July 2010

Magic carpet rides and Messy Mayhem!

Warren went to work early this morning...and because I was REAL late getting to bed last night...I wanted "just a few minutes more....." sleep. (you know what I mean aye mums??)
I said... "Asher, you're the man of the house this're in charge...take bubba out in the lounge and I'll be out soon". 
He did... this is what I eventually came out to....

THE GIGGLIEST GIGGLES..... was "Magic Carpet Rides" time...

Asher was cracking up...Kendyl was shrieking with was awesome

I think this is how they were imaging they were doing it.... heehee..

I love it when I wake up to laughing and fun sounds rather than screaming and crying and whinging!!
On the "down" side however...Asher had decided that Kendyl was a bit he had poured her some cereal into a little bowl....and that in turn was scattered all over the house thanks to the "Magic carpet riding"...Ohhh well...easy to clean up! At least they were having some fun...and I got a few extra minutes all by myself in my yummy warm bed!


  1. hilarious! love the edited version!! my kids have done this before but they usually beg ME to pull the "magic carpet"!


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