Thursday, 8 July 2010

My old addiction...(that Im contemplating starting again!) :)

Hi y'all...well it's confession time.  And I have confessed this before to my facebook friends.........
I had/have an addiction
My addiction has been so well controlled over the last (almost) year that I haven't been actively involved in it for a while.....BUT...
It has been calling to me....

this addiction used to keep me so tied up that any spare time I had would be devoted to it.
I would drop my son at school....quickly come home...put baby to sleep and then indulge...

I would neglect the dusty corners....the dirty "in need of a mop" feed my habit...
My husband scoffed at me when I told him I was "going cold turkey".... my friends also said "we'll see how long this lasts".... but I've been pretty good....
But it's been beckoning...and I think I'm caving....I wanna do it so friends who also indulge have been luring me back, saying they miss my contact etc....sure we email etc but its not the same...

I think I'm going back...
...Im going back to SINGSNAP!!!

I did a foolish thing and logged in there tonight and saw the influx of new songs available and then it took me about a good 10mins to wipe the drool from my keyboard.

What is Singsnap some of you may ask?? 
It is only the best online Karaoke community ever!!! :)
You can open a free account or you can go the paid route and get a "GOLD" membership....and that gives you so much more RAWKS!
It's fun...and a great way to make some neat friends.  You don't have to be able to sing so well....just have to come and have FUN!  So..if you wanna join me... and you have a microphone and (though it's not a MUST)...a webcam...then come to and join in!
Some people have the flashest amazing equipment (and it really does make em sound fantastic)... but I just use my little $4 microphone that came with the computer... I do wanna try and somehow plug my awesome Sennheiser wireless Evolution series microphone in, but even with the mixer...I can't seem to work it out so I just stick with the little tiny jobbie that's on the 'puter and it may sound suckier, but I still have fun! :)
You can even save/post some of your songs....send them to people.  Often I will do a song for a friend who's going through something... or who I wanna cheer up...and you can send them the link, so it makes a special "gift" to but special! :)

Here are a few that are special for different reasons...

This first one was my just-turned-5yr old son and I doing "Funhouse"...which was his fave song at the time.  It was going a bit fast for him to sing like he really can....and it didn't help that I didn't know it very well at that it's not an awesome job....but its a "great fun memory" that Asher loves to look at every now and then :)..... NOTE:  we sing "burn this SUCKER down" not what Pink does ;)

Then there's this one.... which may not be my "style" of music...but is a fun duet done with Dave who lives in the can duet with people from all over the world either in real time or seperately...just do your parts seperately... :)  This is our version of "Rocking good way" .. (just a bit of fun)

Then there's some of my all-time favourite songs... that are fun to sing...
"Saved the best for last"

Bonnie Raitt's "I can't make you love me"

and HEAPS more....

Anyway...I am hoping that some of you will come over "to the dark side" and join me in my Singsnap addiction!!!! Gimme a yell if you start (or have) an account so we can hook up over there!

WOOOHHHOO...watchout SS Im coming back! ;)


  1. You are one talented lady Juanita! Loved the duet with Dave. Hunt him down and do another one with him! Love, Teresa H

  2. hahah.. thanks Teresa :) He was awesome...he used to live in Hamilton apparently...for a few years when he and his wife came over for a "holiday" and ended up staying.
    He's a really nice guy. I think I did another couple with him will have to look through and see if I can find the others some time :)

  3. Hey neets, I have a feeling I might get addicted to this, I never knew this existed. OH NO!
    Although there is no way I sound as good as you. You are fantastic.

  4. Ohhh you'll loooovveee it Lisa!! Come on...join up! :) Honestly it's just about having lots of FUN! Luv Neetz x


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