Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My time of the morning...

Well it's 1.34am...and it's about now that Im up blogging, as the rest of the household is fast asleep and ((hopefully)) quiet. 
I've always been a bit of a night/early morning owl...even as a kid.  Not too keen on the early morns, but I "come alive" in the night.  This has been great and come in handy when I was nursing and rostered on nights, as they didn't phase me at all.  It has also been cool with doing nights with the band.  I often don't rock on in until about 3 or 4am when we have been gigging, and to be honest I get home and am wide awake....which is fine until I do decide to get to bed .... only to be woken pretty soon by over-enthusiastic kiddies who wanna see Mummy (cos she's been out the night before and they wanna "catch up").
Hubby's usually really awesome at rounding em up and shutting 2 doors between me and them so that I get a bit of a sleep....however I can't seem to resist the whispers of "is Mum home?" and my baby yelling "mumma...mum mum mumma".

Anyway, I'm going to start making an effort to get to bed earlier, as this is a bit ridiculous....especially through the week...weekends is okay...but weekdays...hmmm?? will see.

What time of the day are you "at your peak?"  Are you a morning or night person??


  1. Ahh, yes... these are the hours I find myself up and awake at now with a newborn in the house!!! :o) By the way - thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog lately :o)

  2. I am definitely a night person - especially as the kids get older and stay up later... that means we stay up even later just to get some 'kid free' time. Midnight is a normal bedtime for me... and mornings are usually really rough ;)


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